Teachers are overpaid hacks

I agree, just put up a bunch of flat screens and throw on discovery channel all day on all of em. That’d be money spent a lot better than hiring teachers. Bunch of overpaid hacks.

Are you actually saying that teachers are a “bunch of overpaid hacks”?  That is one of the most UNDERPAID professions in Canada and yet one if not THE most important for our children and no, I am not a teacher… :unamused:

Bunch of overpaid hacks. [/quote]

Witness: successful troll.  :unamused:

I agree that it is one of the most important jobs,  check,  the most important job in the country.  However Under paid is a bit rich.

I will admit I know little about the prep work and after hours work so I will highball these figures to try to account for this.

Lets say they get a max of 3 months off work, Summer break, Spring break, winter break, holidays etc…

9 months of work multiplied by 22 days of work a month = 198 days multiplied by 8 hours of work ( I have a 7 years of dropping off/picking up my kid, Teachers always arrive and leave arounf the same time ) 1584 hours of work.

So in BC a first year teacher will make $37,908 divided by 1584 = 23.93 an hour.  For no experience this is fair.

An experienced teacher will max out on $70,684 divided by 1584 = 44.62 an hour.

education.gov.ab.ca/FactsSta … erpaid.asp

The average hourly wage for all canadians in 2009 was 23.59

livingin-canada.com/work-sal … anada.html

Personally I think teachers should be paid on the average grade of thier students,  this would lead to much better teachers.  Motivation to perform.  There are some great teachers out there But there some Hacks. With what it seems little motivation to inspire the children, or just a poor skill set.

Thats exactly what I’m saying. Clearly teachers did nothing for your reading comprehension. You can just stack that on as more proof of our failing system.

No, journalists are. :stuck_out_tongue:

No, you are underpaid because you’re too pussy to go over to Afghanistan and report the REAL news that affects our country.

I  don’t see anything wrong with codybear933s’ reading comprehension whatsoever and after reading your post and the post below, all I have to say to you is COMPREHEND THIS :imp:

Like I mentioned in another thread. Four College Instructors who called for service without even making the effort to look at the router and see if it’s plugged in.
Not that 90% of managers (or anyone with a job title) anywhere else aren’t exactly the same.

“S’okay! I be yo’ boy and turn mah neck when ah looks. You jess pay me dat $75 fo’ movin’ mah eyeballs and ah’ll be happy.”

I have terrible reading comprehension but I read that Bakerwriter was claiming to be an overpaid hack. lol
section B #11

Suddenly it all makes sense, the Daily News must be planning on turning the place into a seafood restaurant, what with all that talk about the lobster shifts…

Dumb, dumb, dumb…

Even dumber…

That’s the best you can come up with? :unamused:

He has a way with words.

Teachers should be paid as a % of the tax their students pay. The better job the teacher does the better chance of their student succeeding and having a good income/paying more taxes thus leading to better pay for the teacher.

Maybe that would give those lazy 10 month a year working whiny bastards some incentive.

I feel that we really need to examine parent involvement in this discussion.  If parents don’t engage neither will the student.  It is easy to blame someone rather than except responsibility.  We as a society have let our children down, we have no one to blame but ourselves.  Everything has to be compressed into short digestible segments so it will fit our kids attention span.  It is easier to blame someone else for our short falls.

Have a look at this view and what parents will do:

ctvbc.ctv.ca/servlet/an/loca … lumbiaHome

Here in PR we don’t have this kind of choice. Although in some ways very similar some parents will cross boundaries or send kids to Annunciation to get the best school and or teachers.

I blame the lack of the Podunkian’s involvement. We must get him more involved in solving school problems to go on top of the other many problems he currently solves. I’m sure he’s got the time – plenty of energy in that left hand :stuck_out_tongue:

teachers  :cry: are just one step down the don’t know shit list from doctors! if they were worth the time i would support them 100% but the fact is most don’t know shit! as for them being overpaid hacks i think not when they do their jobs correctly. :imp: