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At the moment my Firestick remote works well in terms of selecting which shows I want to watch(not volume though). I think the Firetick remote deactivated my TV remote. I can control volume and turn on the TV only with the CityWest cable remote. Going to read up on un-pairing remotes. The video and sound quality from the Firestick is excellent.

Now you only need to find something worth watching.
500 channels and nothing on…

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Not surprisingly I’m watching older TV shows and movies on Netflix and Paramount. My 21 year old lets me share her Disney Plus account. I really like House MD.
I’m waiting until Amazon refunds my money for the slow, used Dell. I’m thinking of getting a used Thinkpad T480s. Third time the charm?

So I went into settings and found the HDMI-CEC button for the Firestick. I turned that off and now I can use my TV remote again. Everything is now back to normal functioning. I’m really happy with this unit. Thanks, herbie. :slight_smile:
My returned laptop is now departing Manitoba on its way to the Amazon elephant graveyard in Ontario.

So nginx was a bit of a PITA. Wiped the drive and I’m setting up Ubuntu 24.04 LTS on the Pi.
Also discovered XAMP is available for Ubuntu, it will do the things I want. I can start doing test sites on something other than Windoze.
Good God the file handling is atrocious on Win10… slow as hell, buggy.

So, started copying the xamp SQL/data and httdocs folders to a USB 3 stick and come back 40 mins later… about half done. Spends as much time or more ‘calculating’ as it does moving files.
We’re talking maybe 6GB of files…

Canada Post tracking says the unwanted laptop should be with Amazon returns tomorrow in Ontario. I ordered a used Lenovo Thinkpad on Sunday. It’s a T480s i7 CPU, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, and Win 10 or so they say. Haha. It left Langley today and should be here on Thursday. If it POSTS okay and checks out I’ll put Debian on the unit with KDE-plasma.

Set up a guy’s new Canon inktank today. Had a massive 1" B&W LCD screen I had to hold at one angle 6" from my bifocals to see. Set wifi direct option took a photo of screen w password I could enlarge enuff to see.
Windows 10 couldn’t find it.
Redid printer setup
Win 10 no see any printers
3rd time lucky
Installed the printer but said offline. Also installed the Wifi direct but had no drivers.
Go to canon, get their ‘universal’ setup… so it looks for ONLY a regular wifi or an IP address. Canon can’t find a Canon printer.
Hunted for 1/2 hr for driver. All sent me back to the useless one, which isn’t a ‘driver’ but an installer that doesn’t fcking work!
Windows Update - nothing!
Rebooted printer, had to run Direct setup once again.
Rebooted desktop. Went to Printers & Scanners
The Canon was listed and not offline. The Direct thing still there with driver unavailable.
So I ignored it, clicked on the Canon printer and Manage, Print test page.
So I just f
cked off outa there and made a bill for 2.5 hours installing printer, Teach the fcker to ignore the 2 printers I suggested, go to a BigBox I said don’t go to and let some fcking salesman insist to a stubborn old fart the Canon was ‘better’ as it was $50 cheaper than the Epson and HP I hunted down cuz he asked for my suggestion.
This whole town thinks cheaper=gooder and some 22yr old that flogs computers on Monday, vacuums on Tues and TVs on Weds in a big store in a big town is way smarter than the guy serving their home community for 35 years.

And come home for another 2 hours trying to find out why Windows Credential Manager wont show passwords.
Just click the SHOW button.
There is no SHOW button.
All you have to do is blah, blah, blah and click the SHOW button
For God’s sake’s there’s 23 listings of this same problem and 23 “Microsoft Associates” that say to click a SHOW button that’s NOT THERE!!!
Try using CMD & cmdkey… just blah blah blah
What you listed shows a syntax error! Missing -U parameter. Can you explain
Try using CMD & cmdkey… just blah blah blah
Gives a Syntax Error FFS!
Just use CMD & cmdkey… just blah blah blah like I said
You’re no help at all, you won’t listen
I told you Use CMD & cmdkey… just blah blah blah
F off ----
I will refer it to another specialist who will help ASAP

thread closed, locked, no further response since 2023…
God why do people insist on only using Windoze?

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It’s all they know. My GAWD I’m grateful to be M$ free these days.
Amazon received my unwanted laptop and they issued a refund. My Thinkbrick arrived at the courier station here in Rupert this AM. I should get it today or tomorrow. Please work! haha.

Oh kick me! In the head and call me moron…
You know that Linux trouble with my Truenas server? That kept giving a password error after months of trying? Where the Liux forums were no help and the MSoft sites made me want to slit their throats?
It was ME… it was a wrong password! I has a epiphany lass nite!
Keychain on my Mac just clicked into my head and I checked today… there was truenas and the login info. I did not use the non-admin password I almost always use on my private network machines I used the numbers of my daughters nickname spelled on a phone that just the two of us know. I set the damn Truenas so the two of us when she was here could send pics to my photo printer and inktank printer from her wedding.
DOHHH!!! Do I feel stoopid.
Sure enuff, I entered the IP on the Ubuntu Pi and as soon as I entered the right password everything was copasetic.
Doh! nnnDUH

(not surprising when she saw me get painfully up off her couch and stumbled on her steps she turned to her friend and said “Meet my Dad, Joe Biden”)

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BTW there’s a really bad movie on Prime about a woman on a B17 being attacked by a Gremlin plus Japanese fighters at the same time. Something about a Cloud…
In case you want to sit beside the fan and let your brain go numb for 2 hours like I did. It finally got summery enough to take the roof off my Jeep.

So far so good. The T480s booted up just fine. All the specs are as advertised: i7 CPU, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, and Win 10 Pro. Running Windows update and then charging up the battery to see if it’ll hold a charge. If all is well I’ll put Debian on the unit.

Debian 12.6 up and running. All is well. The battery isn’t the best, but, it’ll do for now.

Nice. Did you go dual boot or wipe Windows? Plenty room for both. Is that model NVME or 2.5 SSD?

Akk. had to give up with Xampp on the Pi, it’s not ARM compatible. Might go back to a LAMP and see if the old ISPconfig I used to use on my server bank is still around and works on ARM.
OMG I’ve tried so many Pi OSs and had to modify the cmdline.txt to use my wireless mouse/kybd combo on almost every one. This time I even managed to overclock with Ubuntu from 1400 to 2100 MHz and the GPU to 750. Damn little thing runs just fine, snappier than most of the Windows PCs customers brind in.
I’m putting off upgrading to a new Pi hoping they’ll make a Pi 500 soon where everything is built into the keyboard.

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A guy was over yesterday and asked if I could help him sell his 4 yr old “Gaming laptop” for $1100.
Being a smart ass I said Sure, If you give me the $1100 up front.

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I wiped windows and it’s a NVME. I’ve been running it all day and the laptop battery won’t charge up properly. The health of the battery is below average. AAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHH.
I have Win 10 on a thumb drive so I re-installed that on the unit. Printed a return label. Back to Amazon it goes tomorrow. I may buy new or at least something that’s really near new. These older units are inexpensive, but, they’re a pain in the buttocks.

Ya I’ve found that with betteries too. Half the ones listed as OEM originals were clearly used & refurbed and the off brands were worse. Got one for my Macbook years ago that was worse than what I ordered it to replace. Didn’t hold 20 mins of use.

Gee that ISPconfig doesn’t work with ARM and the website’s nice enough to tell you right on the main page!
Gosh darn blankety heck, foiled again!

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I just ordered a ThinkPad T14 Gen 3 AMD (14") - Thunder Black directly from Lenovo. It’s a 14 inch unit with an AMD CPU, 16 GB RAM, and a decent SSD. It’s got a year warranty on it.


Edit: added later

I’ll keep Win 11 for the first year so I don’t void the warranty. Haha. It looks like it’s going to be good. :slight_smile:

Nice, but I thought the idea was for a decent cheap laptop to muck about on…

Just got home and calmed down for an hour playing a computer game. First time ever I actually told the customer to take that f&@#& printer back to Staples and shove it up the salesman’s ass. If I can come hold the prick down while you do it, I won’t send the bill for 3 trips and 8 1/2 hours labour.
Canon Pixma G3270 inktank on sale for $269 at Staples. RUN do not touch, punch the salesman’s face if he suggests it at all.
The customer is a cancer patient in his late 70s that went to Staples in a wheelchair and explained what he needed print scan etc to close out his business. One who ignored my advice to buy this or that model at Costco because it was the best price on those AND they toss in a free 2nd year warranty and 4% kickback on his Costco credit card.

  • has no paper tray one of those flops out the top models
  • has a B&W LED setup screen only 1 inch - smaller than a Smartwatch. Try entering a wireless password on a keypad that tiny with the up-down-OK keyring and no instruction in the man. where the Shift key is.
    After using my iPhone and holding the damn printer on edge under a light in the kitchen to magnify and read it, I set the Wifi Direct. Windows couldn’t find it. Downladed the Canon installer, it coudn’t either. Setup only had Wifi & USB options, no Direct. After a lengthy update Windows did find it, but marked it offline (how is that even possible?) and added a gibberish entry in Printers with ‘drive unavailable’ that I assumed was the DirectWifi port.
    A couple reboots of the desktop and printer and it finally saw the printer and printed.
    Good… run away run away
    Calls back today. wants to know how to use it to scan and send he’s got an email from Cancer Inst. he has to sign and return.
    So I go and he’s jammed it right back on the crowded antique desk directly above his desktop that’s jammed in a closed desk cupboard defeating the whole point of buying a wireless printer.
    So I bought the guy a USB cable!
    Ran the Canon installer and it stops halfway saying it can’t install the drivers until the printer is installed which it can’t as it needs the drivers!!!
    Wrassled it to the point it was useable, downloaded the email attachment, printed it and it popped up a Canon window saying I had to flip the paper to do Page 2 with no option to continue once you did only a Cancel print button. Settings gave the choice to preset flip long or short side and NO OPTION to print on 2 pages.
    There’s no sheet feeder for the scanner once I set that up - two separate PDF files for 2 pages only.

That was when I lost it, That is not and ordeal to put a 75 yr old dying man through never mind a tech who’s been setting printers up since they were dot matrix and teletype.

one hell of a rant, eh? Well no one wanted my 12 yr old Brother so I think I’ll give it to him and set that up this weekend. In his kitchen so he can put his keyboard on the desk and have room to move his elbows.
Can’t believe they’d make a printer with a screen you cant read, no setup manual, an online manual missing half the instructions and setup software that doesn’t even work. Riding on their reputation from 30 years ago just like HP and Dell