Tabacco laws

When you see a commercial diesel truck belching black smoke, that’s not actually carbon monoxide that you’re seeing (not that there isn’t CO present). CO is a colourless, odourless gas.

I’m not saying that particulate emissions aren’t bad (a huge contributor to smog, as well as causing a number of health issues), but not the same as CO.

Oh, it is much worse than that - I am an ex-smoker. Therefore, I was one of those people who determined that my health and the health of those around me was more important than my addiction. I put myself through the hell of quitting my addiction, knowing that it was best in the long term.

Tell you what, the next time that you go to your car…[/quote]

I take the bus.

Excuse me? Just because they smoke does not mean they are a stain to society. Jesus, there are a lot worse out there than the smokers…and if you cant see that you need to get a clue.

The strain smokers are putting on the healthcare system…give me a fu$%ing break!! What about the alcoholics? the obese? Are they a stain to society too? I would really like to to explain to me how smokers are a strain on the healthcare system. You have people abusing it everyday (young, old, smokers, non-smokers, EVERYONE!)

You can’t throw in Obese people because sometimes being overweight isn’t a choice, being over weight can be genetic.
Drinkers for sure are a strain on healthcare as are smokers, because they CHOSE their behavior.
It is preventable.
As are overweight people with improper diets.

I agree nobody MADE them start smoking. Nobody MADE people drink, its their own actions…I completely agree with you. All I am saying is I think its unfair the reputation smokers have.
If I did have kids I wouldnt want them breaking in toxic air caused by ciggs either…but I dont think I would take my kids to a place that I KNOW is going to be full of smoke toxins. Seriously though there is a lot moe shit out there that is damaging kids today then friggen smokers. Take a step outside in PG and breake in that “nice fresh air”. Turn on your tv and see what your kids are watching. Looks what they are eating…I can go on and on…
I am not going to sit here and argue that smoking is good for you because I dont believe that. I am not arguing about these new enforced rules either. I just think its unfair how people are harpin on the smokers…

Yes I can, and I just did. Drinking is a genetic thing too…so is obesity. I think its totally unfair to blame our healthcare problems on the smokers…

Exactly what I WANTED to say!! thank you!

I said that cuz that’s what I wanted to say to the native lady who filed a complaint with the landlord cuz she smelled cigarette smoke in our shop.
I’d prefer to say: then shop somewhere else. Drink somewhere else. Eat somewhere else. Let the market decide. Nothing wrong with a smoking bar (that pays higher WCB premiums) and a nonsmoking bar and a labour clause that lets workers and patrons choose.

But it’s like our pre-pay gas law. It’s just easier to say NO than to do anything properly

No, drinking is NOT genetic, neither is smoking. You can argue all you want that the white man got natives addicted to alcohol years ago. But it still is ALL ABOUT CHOICE!!!
You may not choose the environment you grew up in, be it in a home of alcoholics or a home of smokers. But you CAN choose wether or not you grow up to have the same habits. There are services and councilors and all sorts of resources for people dealing with addiction.
If I know I’m predisposed to gambling addiction. Then I stay away from the casino. If my parents were alcoholics, I keep away from drinking.

NO WHERE does that leave ANY room for smoking or drinking to be genetic.

You CHOOSE what you put into your body!

true both my parents smoked and drank, and i chose not too…my mom died from alcohol  abuse , my dad from smoking… only you can decide what u put into your body…

bubbasteve735 were u out jogging yesterday?

Me? Jog? HAH.
No, that wouldn’t have been me.

I prefer to walk actually, Jogging is hard on my knees and my back.

I’m not a smoker myself but I kind of hate this holier-than-thou shit.  There are so many counter arguments that can be made.  You say obesity can be genetic but on the flip side you saw we CHOOSE what we put in our body.  Well, if an genetically obese person chooses to not put food in their body they simply will eventually not be obese.  Plain fact.  But it’s not always that simple, is it? 

Not eating and not smoking are 2 different things.  If you don’t eat you die.  If you don’t smoke you live.  You kind of have to eat.  You don’t have to smoke.

[quote]*Science shows that genetics plays a role in becoming overweight or obese. Genes can directly cause obesity in disorders such as Bardet-Biedl Syndrome and Prader-Willi Syndrome. In some cases, a person’s genetic code and behavior may both be needed for a person to be overweight. In other cases, multiple genes may increase one’s susceptibility for being overweight or obesity and require outside factors; such as abundant food supply and/or little physical activity.

In some cases of genetic coding, a person is destined to have trouble with their weight. In other cases, it is the combination of genetic coding and the person’s behavior or environment which contribute to the overweight, obese or morbidly obese condition.*[/quote]

The link to that site:

Yes we do choose what we put into our bodies. BUT being obese is genetic with some people. It is possible to change your eating habits. But sometimes it can’t be helped. Like in cases such as those above.

You can CHOOSE to smoke. You can also choose not to eat healthy or exercise. But sometimes being overweight is NOT a choice.

The closer the bone, the sweeter the meat…

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Alright, so for Prader-Wili Syndrome the USA has a 0.01% incidence rate. … pic_id=111

And for Bardet-Biedl Syndrome we have a 0.07% rate of incidence. … alence.htm

So for a rough total of 0.1% of people obesity is DIRECTLY related to genetics according to your article.  Obesity rates in US (all these statistics are US, btw) are 34% in people over the age of 20.  So 33.9% of obese people do have the choice to be obese.    Your article mentioned that some people may be have genetic PREDISPOSITIONS to compulsive behavior and bad eating habits but these people are genetically forced into obesity.  They have the CHOICE to get counciling, to break their compulsive eating habits, etc.

Smokers and drinkers also have genetic triggers which can make them more susceptible to becoming addicted. … olism-gene

So to sum this all up: if you think smokers and drinkers are a burden on the healthcare system and should be treated differently than everyone else, well then I think we should also toss obese people into the mix because heart disease is a leading cause of death.  And by your logic since we all have the choice to CHOOSE (except a very SMALL percentage of the population) we should all be responsible for our actions. Right?

Yes, we should all be responsible for our actions.
Just like the people who have those condtions shouldn’t just sit there on their asses and not do anything or eat healthy. They should be managing their disease.
I know I’m over weight, I have no problem with it. BUT I have cut down drastically on my food intake in the last little while.
I don’t really feel smokers should have to be shunned for their habit. But making them more accountable for the actions they take might impact them a little more. Make sense?

Yes that makes sense. But the same argument can be made obesity. Seriously, its a rising problem, especially in the US and not just with adults…with kids too!
Maybe if we held obese people more accountable for their actions it might impact them a little more!?! Make sense!?

Couldnt agree with you more!!! :smile:

Umm. It does make sense, that is exactly what I said.