Tabacco laws

That’s pretty much what I’m getting at.  If we want to move toward making people more accountable for their ‘manageable’ disorders/addictions then we can’t only hold the smokers and drinkers accountable.  The stigma of smoking makes smokers an easy target but hiding behind the ‘it’s a genetic thing’ is not an excuse to be morbidly obese. 

That said now we come to the issue of where to draw the line.  How many lifestyle CHOICES put us at increased risk to injury/death/disease? 

My opinion is that as long as the PUBLIC is protected from direct physical harm from peoples decisions (IE second hand smoke, drinking and driving, etc) then these people should just be left alone and allowed to harm themselves without being demonized.  Sure we can argue they are a drain on our healthcare system and they’re responsible for higher taxes or whatever but it’s a free country.  It may not seem fair but that’s the price we pay for being part of a society. 

Actually it doesn’t seem like that’s what you said at all.

what about those overweight  alcoholic smokers man whats up with that :stuck_out_tongue:

You omitted the “sometimes” in your quote.
I said, SOMETIMES being obese isn’t a choice.
Which I gave evidence to.

I never said all overweight or obese people don’t have a choice in being that way.
Which is what you are claiming I’ve said.

I didn’t omit it I just didn’t bold it because I don’t think it’s relative.  0.1% (rounded up) is not sometimes, it’s practically never. 

BTW with all of the taxes on cigarettes they are actually revenue positive, even taking into account health care costs. The reason they are not banned is simple. FOLLOW the money trail.

I’m not saying smoking is good for anyone with exception of the provincial and federal treasuries, but lets cut the cost to the system BS. I smoke by my home office with exhaust fans (2) within a foot of my ash tray and 2 feet from me. I also smoke on the deck, in my garage, and in my vehicle with the window cracked about 2", even in - 40 weather.

So lets narrow up that broad pant brush a bit when condemning this smoker OK?

You also live if you don’t eat 6 Twinkies before bed.  Get my drift?

I think that they should pass a law that says “if you can’t spell tobacco, then you’re not allowed to smoke it.”

Ah yes through the ages it’s been the scourge of society…

But as we see from this instructional video, it’s not as easy to quit as it sounds…

HAHA. The government makes wayyy too much $$$ off the tabacco! Thats what makes me so frustrated…they put all these reatraints and bullshit laws…why dont they just grow some balls and outlaw the whole thing…thats what they are getting at anyways… But no they will never do that…its s money maker that they will never give up!

How did I miss this gem the first time around?  lol