Behold! A holy man in Rupert today!

There was a great sundog the other night about 9ish or so. That was a very bright one. Brighter than the one in the picture.

Friday at about 4:00 it was pretty rad.

Yeah, that’s when I took it. And now there’s a helluvalot of lightning going on.

Yup, I hope it comes right over. I <3 lightning.

I wonder… It’s pretty dry out, chance of a small forest fire?

3 more.

Two more on my website.

I must say, thats quite the impressive picture.

Hoshq and Scrub, where did you take the pics from? We were sitting down by the lightering dock, and had an awesome view of it striking in the airport direction. I guess all the equipment they have out there made it stay around the same places over and over again?

I was playing glow in the dark frisbee at Roosevelt when I noticed the mtn starting to get backlit.

I thought Totem Park would be a good spot, and it was - we were the first ones there and there were probably 15-20 people there at one time.

I sure wish I had my tripod and film camera though…the g5 really doesnt cut it for its ability to get a 5 second exposure and dump it to the card instantly - I missed a LOT of opportunities, then I ran out of batteries.

What sort of settings were you using Hoshq? I bet your camera can dump long exposures pretty quickly to the card without a shooting delay hey?

That shot was 30 seconds, 200mm, f2.8, iso 200. No delay in saving at all. Next time I see it coming I’ll try to find a better location than out my window.

Word. I’m really kicking myself because I was planning on heading out to First Fort or whatever its called past fairview terminal with my tripod last night, that wouldve been the PERFECT place to shoot from - no interfering lights, and you would’ve been right in the thick of it as it came around from the Ridley side of Kaien island.

Curses, foiled again… i guess “next time” though.

here’s another. I think your pic is better though.

I’m pretty sure that was my first exposure of the night too… got lucky.

I was laughing pretty hard, a couple kids were up on Totem at the same time trying to take pictures with a point-and-shoot … I dont know how well they fared, considering it looked like they were trying to line up their flash with the lightenings… :neutral_face:

Looks like God is back at it again tonight!

And he fell out of the bed…

I thought thunderstorms were pretty much unheard of here… Much less 2 in a row.

Note: It’s 2254 hrs and this is the second time I have heard sirens tonight. Not good. Starting to lose power in the house. Glad I am on a laptop.

Looks like a mixture of unstable vertcal development being brought up from the southeast is responsible.

anyone else’s Internet down?

Yes, Mozilla won’t connect to anything cept htmf. MSN works tho…

So is any power out in town? Of course those without power will not be reading this but just curious to know.