Summer Blockbusters as of yet

Alright peeps so let’s check in on whose seen what and what they thought about them…I’ll list the main ones to come out this summer and you say whether you want hours of your life back or if you’d gladly give more hours for a sequel:

Pirates of the Carib: At World’s End

Spidey 3

Shrek 3



Knocked up

Fantastic 4: Silver Surfer

Ocean’s 13

Live Free or Die Hard

Evan Almighty


Surf’s Up

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

License to Wed

Hostel Part II

A Mighty Heart

Personally, I’ve only been pleased with Die Hard 4, Ratatouille, Knocked up, and 1408…but that’s just me.

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I thought it was called Die Hard: 4.0?

It is the fourth film in the Die Hard series, but it is called Live Free or Die Hard.

That is a fib!

Perhaps that’s what it’s called in °F, but over here where it’s °C it goes by a different name…

Troll. :smiley:

Anyone sat through all of Live Free or Die yet? Terrible film IMO.

Nope.  I’m waiting for the DVD to come out.  Glad I didn’t pay to see it.  Thanks for the review. :sunglasses:

Not a fact… Reverse Smiley Face…

We have no more theatre here. If I want to see a movie, it’s 160 kms and back to PG, which means I ain’t even gonna think of going unless it something really interesting.
Last movie I saw I took my daughter to Narnia so I wouldn’t have to endure 3 hours of clothes shopping with the gf… that’s how long ago.
Gotta wait for it to show up in Movie Gallery

I’ve got two kids at home so it is more cost effective for us to buy the DVD and enjoy it at home than go to the theater after you factor in admission, popcorn, babysitting costs, etc. 
Plus I hate it when some dumb SOB starts blabbing away when you’re trying to watch the movie. :imp:  I haven’t been to a movie at our local theater in awhile.

hitest i was like you, for a few years i didnt go to the movies i down loaded or got the DVD when it came out. but the last few months I have gone too see movies, yes it is expesive to go, but for the big movie block busters like spidy3 and so on it was nice too see them on the silver screen, plus my home built movie projector is in the dump and my 10 foot screen is laying on the floor…lol…so for the time being we will support the MPAA and go see them… hehe

Yeah, you’re right, Astro.  I need to get out more.  The big screen rules.  I’m going to watch Mission Impossible 3 tonight:-)

One of the guys from here told me how four of them drove into PG to catch “300” and they ended up punching out a guy who’s gf kept calling him on his cell in the theatre. He kept answering…

I don’t know how many times I’ve felt like doing that.  I salute the four horsemen for living out my angry fantasies. :imp:

The other day I saw 3 movies in a row and only paid for 1.

Hot Rod - If you’re a fan of Andy Sambergs work, see this movie.
Bourne Ultimatum - As good, if not better than the last two.
Rescue Dawn - A gripping dipiction of the story of U.S. fighter pilot Dieter Dengler.

Oh and I also went and saw the Simpsons last week. Hooray they didn’t break it!

I was pleased with all of them.

Thank you.  I’ve seen the first two, they were awesome:-)

Yeah Ultimatum was excellent. Yip Yip Yip Yip. :smiley:

I’m thinking it’s been out on DVD for a while now. Live Hard or Die, not the new Die Hard.

The last of the Die Hard movies was released the end of June 07.  It is out on DVD already?  I’ll be buying that soon:-)