Summer Blockbusters as of yet

Thanks, my mistake:-)  Didn’t read your post close enough. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I see another Bruce Willis movie sequel, I want it to be 5th Element II

Bourne ultimatum is super rad…well worth seeing a couple times, much like the first two. 

Do you have the Simpson’s movie there yet?  there is a line in it that should be on the welcome to rupert sign.  homer is talking about moving to alaska and he says 'come on, we hve to move there, it’s a place where you can’t be to fat or to drunk"

That is not a very nice thing to say!

Watched the simpsons this afternoon at the cineplex, excellent.

I’m sure it could have been better. But good lord it could have been so much worse!
I wish there could have been more musicals. Something like the Stonecutters song.
But I’ll just have to live with Spider Pig.

LMAO :smiley:

so transformers was fuckin awesome but way too much close angle shots of like optimus primes ass or whatever when he was fighting.  like the movie was cool despite its shittiness just because TRANSFORMERS were in it.  i hope micheal bay gets a pubic hair that he notices in every one of his meals for the rest of his life for his directing skills. 

i want WIDE ANGLE continuous fight scenes not like optimus primes ass 16" in front of the camera… good grief. 

regardless. oh yea that and the product placement sucked too.  OPTIMUS PRIME EATS DORITOS, AND ALL HIS FRIENDS ARE CHEVYS. gimme a break.  ARMY COOL TO! USA! USA!