Suicide Pact?

It’s all over my facebook.  Apparently 60 kids in northern bc made a suicide pact for tonight (monday night) at midnight (Tuesday morning).  It’s almost 1 now… I sure hope they didn’t go through with it!

Mine as well, apparently just a test…of everyones emotions? ya a big wtf if this is the case…as quoted on my facebook after about 20 comments of people feeling like shit…" OK just got the goods from XXXX, turns out it was a drill in case something of the sorts did happen. phewww

Like what kind of drill? By who? and why?  hope it’s just rumors gone wild and no kids are dead and this being about a drill is just a pile of bs

sorry to say it was not a drill…rumor has it that there was 1 death in Kincolith and 1 in Gitsegulka… and that it is still on going for North coast area… Please keep you children close …

I heard something about it having to do with a variation of D&D? Crazy stuff if true.

I’m pretty sure if 60 locals joined in a “suicide pact” we would actually know more about it… just facebook spam garbage… does anyone know 60 people that can manage to keep a secret?

In this town? You’re kidding right?  :unamused:

Wouldn’t be surprised, Canada has one of the highest suicide rates in the world, and its all in the North.

I’d say that’s a bit of a stretch.  Canada’s rate is about average.  Not “one of the highest suicide rates in the world.”  I agree with you that a lot of the suicides are in the North. … icide_rate

All the same, I call bullshit on the suicide pact until we hear some hard news.

I also call bull.  I’ve heard about 20 different stories from 20 different people today, and they’re all “a friend of a friend of a cousin” type of stories. 

I heard that several years ago…our rate was second highest, or so I was told…although those stats may have been per-capita for the North, which, if treated as a separate country for the purposes of discussion, would be right up there.

No such thing, definitely not from Kincolith! Get your facts straight before you broadcast your gossip tidbits.  How dare you publicize such a remark.  If it were someone you knew directly or if a place that you’re even associated with in any way, you would not be so quick to disclose such hurtful information. This kind of matter is never a joking matter!

I sure hope no one died.  And as far as keeping it a “secret”, it wasn’t secret.  Lots of people knew about it.

as I had said if you read my post it was a RUMOR!  i AM  not disclosing this to hurt anyone, that is not my intention. I apologize. Why I brought it up was because it was brought to light that this is true. I have been told that some other kids are going to try it tonite…here where I live…in the North Coast we where told to watch over the teens  and they also have counsellors coming to to speak to the teens.

did anyone see the story on the Global T.V news about a month and a half back about the suicides on the old hazleton / kispiox bridge it was a good story thats where most of the sicides occur mostly due to drug use and kids that let themselves get bored of life and sucked into the drug use but i definatly say that they might not have much to do in town wise but outdoors kispiox is such a beautifull place so much to do my thoughts is that suicide is just ignorance !!!

Rumour discounted by the RCMP this morning … 16842.html

Ignorance is thinking that by telling those with chronic misery or deep
depression  how pretty the trees are will prevent suicide.
It’s a little more complex than that.

I believe the person who made the post you were refferring to made the post out of concern, not as a joke.
Even though this turned out to be nothing I think we are gonna miss an opportunity to address the issue of SUICIDE. This is one of those issues that nobody wants to have the hard discussions about, all the while it is usually the youth that end up suffering.

Here here Chief Dave, you are so right on with that comment, I thank you for that. I have been in this line of work far too long and I have seen this serious issue brought up so many times in my years out there, it brings people together for a day or two and they make some kind of comment about following through with further work on the issue, go back to their offices and we never see them again till something happens or they come up with another excuse to meet like HIV/AIDs issues. The public or youth are never invited to be players or voices as they should be.

I don’t think 99.99999% of youth WANT to be a part of anything really. My friend said to me one day, “we are the generation without a cause”. And it’s true. How many of the kids YOU know take the time to volunteer and do selfless things? I don’t know many who do.

SO really, you have a generation who doesn’t know how good it feels to do something selfless for someone who needs it. The second they don’t get what they want, well it’s just a big deal and the world is ending isn’t it. Kids don’t care anymore…

Very simple: No ambition. No motivation.

I remember every year in grade school we’re taught about goal, esteem, and achievement. I wonder if the local schools still teach this these days.

But anyhow, if we’re going to help them have ambitions and motivations should start with a basketball (IMO).

Hopefully they’re not getting too ambitious of becoming some random superstar athlete. =.=’