Stores open on christmas

anyone other than me shocked to see the booze store by maverick mart open on christmas day?
Personally I think this is disrespectful on so many levels I dont even know where to start.
There is zero need for them to be open on Christmas Day!..and this goes for grocery stores or any other store unless it is a hospital or a pharmacy.

I for one will be boycotting any store that opens on Christmas day for at least one month…if more of us did…and we were vocal about it…perhaps they would get the message and close.

Time for you to embrace the 21st century methinks.

LOL.  :smiley:

I have decided to boycot your boycot and will now make sure I buy all my booze at Maverick.

Well I will try to boycott them but my one beer every three or four months will certainly not put a dent in anyones poket. Who own the permit or licence for this place, does it have anything to do with Chances?

The Crest actually, but don’t let any facts get in the way of a good rant.

Disrespectful? Why?  Many other establishments are open, restaurants,theatres, bars etc.  If it is for religious reasons that you find it offensive, well, that is a whole other topic as not everyone celebrates Christmas . I don’t drink so I didn’t notice but if I did drink and needed my fix, well that is my choice and I assume I would be grateful someone is open.  It is all a matter of choice to the owner and the consumer.  Anyway, in this town, you have to know that a liquor establishment of any kind is a moneymaker !!

not for religeous beliefs at all…just a really sad sign of the times if you ask me.
Its not that Im idealising the past…but back in the day…yes Im old…but back in the day when all stores were closed on sunday, IMHO, it was a good thing.

Now adays its just all about faster! faster!..cheaper!..shinier! now now I want it now damnit!!!..just so I can toss it away and go onto the next and the next…and nobody seems to respect or be grateful for what they have in the now…what is in the now.

Its not just that its a liquer store…that just makes it a wee bit worse…the fact that ppl cant go one day without buying something else to drink…like they couldnt have bought an extra bottle the day before…but also what about the ppl who cant avail themselves to better employment? Dont they deserve to have at least one day a year when they know that in essence ‘they’ come first…not a fricken dollar profit.

Im upset with the principle behind the whole thing…I do think its a sign of the times…and I will boycott both the liquor store and maverick mart for the month of january. *and no brunches for us at the crest either :wink:

You don’t have to go there. No one is forcing you and what about the employees at any of these establishments who don’t mind usually trading off a shift with a family person to make the extra money for themselves.  It is not always about gimme,gimmee, sometimes it is because they need the work !  I know, I have been there and was more than happy to change a shift with someone who wanted to be with their family on X-Mas morning.  You shouldn’t watch the news on holidays either then with this attitude as the announcers and reporters are working the holiday and getting paid. Boycott if you choose, I doubt they will miss you .

what about the other beer n wine  stores that were open on christmass day you gonna boycott them too.  all i remember about christmass is someone complaining that the bars wernt open lol.  p.s. i wish i got to work christmass day but of course it rains ans washes all our snow away. Last year christmass was the best day to plow snow all the people out were giving me thanks and all sorts of christmass goodies i would have never gotten if i didnt offer to work christmass day because i had no family to spend time with anyway the others that got to go home because i chose to work were so gratefull that they got to spend time with there family thanked me on the next working day  p.s i also worked on new years eve too rather making money than pissing it down the drain with the rest of the booze hounds!!

Well boycott 7-11 & Chevron also then  :smiley:

They get paid time and a half to work on a holiday, some employers even do double time. I know at a time, I was happy to work holidays. It meant more money, and I was struggling. What about Seven eleven, they’re open EVERYDAY! And hotels? What about hotels, are you going to kick out all of your tennants and such because it’s sunday and people don’t work on sunday?

What if I wanted to buy something on December 25th?  I’d go to a store that was open.  Good for them, they saw a demand and filled it.  Not everyone shares your religious beliefs. 


I guess if someone or some of us a real thirsty they sure serve a cold purpose, especially when they are just up the street from you. Everyone has some form of complaining to do no matter what.

Not everyone in this world is religious, nor does everyone in this world celebrate Xmas.  If a business wants to open for Xmas, then so be it! 

If someone needs cranberry sauce at 4:30pm on Xmas day, you go to 7-11 or PJ’s, and thank god they were open!!  lol

I know people that made TRIPLE time for working Xmas and boxing day, and loved it.  Seriously, who can pass that up?

wow…some of you people really need some remedial comprehension skills…I said it was ‘not’ due to religeous beliefs…

and after reading some of your responses…apparently not a single person here that bothered to post can see past making a buck or anything else more important than instant personal gratification.

and yes…I fully expect this post as well to be misread and misinterpreted…lmao and just shaking my head.

Thanks for the entertainment folks!

Great, show up asking if anybody else is as disgusted as you, insult everybody, then shake your head. 

If it’s not for religious reasons, then why do you believe stores should be closed on Christmas?  “When all stores were closed on sunday, IMHO, it was a good thing.” why Sundays, if not for religious reasons?

Our reading comprehension is fine.  You’re just in denial about religion.


Heh, I’ll work on my remedial comprehension skills if you learn how to spell religious.  You will get better mileage if you attack the arguments presented rather than insulting people.  Your approach is what is known as an ad hominem argument.

Ad hominem