Stores open on christmas

isee nothing wrong with being open on christmas . its a commercialized holiday that even non religious people have to celebrate because all their kids friends do. stores start shoving it down your throat right after halloween. i enjoy christmas when i can get together with family and friends etc. but the commercialiation i can do without and im not even religious

Instant personal gratification?  Is that what it is called now to work to keep a roof over your head and your bills paid?  Then I am indeed, VERY GRATIFIED  :unamused:

Sorry I wasn’t born with a silver spoon up my ass that allowed me to get what I wanted without having to work for it… You think the people working would chose to work if they didn’t have to?

Get a life… Go back to the old folks home or something…

Any news on Extra Foods? I heard one worker yesterday complaining about the very possibility of it sutting right down, that would be the shits. Maybe Chances will buy it up and do something insane which will make them and their cohorts richer down south.

My dad says Lax Kw’alaams has put in a bit to buy Extra Foods.

You don’t need to be born with a silver spoon up your ass to value your own worth.
The beer stores here pay time and a half, but use temps without enough hours to get the stat too.
Give up Christmas with the family for $90 and 7.5 hours dealing with losers? No thanx.

If your house got broken into and they stole all your booze Christmas Eve and people are coming over who won’t understand, you just might not be a loser who needs the beer store open Christmas Day.

He’s not just talking about beer and wine stores… And that’s what really gets me.

 wheres the moderator when you need one…

And what would a moderator do with that?  It’s perfectly fine by me.

It’s perfectly fine by me too.  In fact I doubt, just because someone lit the fuse to her tampon, everyone here is going to run and look for the nearest fire extinguisher.

I think the call for the moderator was to fix the tense in one of her verbs.  Other than that, it’s well within the limits of HTMF! 

For whatever reasons, negative or demeaning remarks about a person’s age are viewed differently from remarks about their gender, race, ethnicity etc, although all of those personal characteristics, age included, are protected by human rights legislation both nationally and internationally, at least in theory.

A British study a few years ago found, contrary to expectations, that age discrimination was the deepest, most pervasive form of discrimination of them all. Western societies such as ours did not stack up particularly well. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, live long enough and you no doubt will.


Yeah, maybe the original poster shouldn’t have started by insulting the young’un’s reading comprehension, and make reference to the good ole days. 

What’s good for the old goose is good for the young gander, or something.


Get off my lawn!

what a jerk.      its prety nice when you get to work a holiday that someone else doesnt want too, maybe to be with there family, maybe just cause they don’t feel like working. So be it, I worked new years eve and rather than burning up brain cells and spend money at the bars i made as much some people do in a whole week or maybe even 2 weeks  it feels awesome in my wallet !