Stolen digital photoframe

Hi Folks,

I’m working at Shutter Shack now.

Today someone stole an 8" digital photoframe. They didn’t take the power cord so I’m guessing they’ll be trying to get one.
The model was a Kodak SV811 easyshare digital picture frame.
I haven’t got the serial number right handy but will post it later. If you hear anything please give us a shout down at the shop.

hi Chad this fellow  mike (i know his last name will not post it) he has been stealing from the down town area the last few weeks we at our office have been warned to keep valuables locked up. he is about 5 foot 6 light brown hair, mousy looking guy… he is a crack head and the RCMP know of him; email me for last name…

The “Axe” will fall, I assure you.  Just last week, he came into Tim Hortons with a duffle/hockey bag plugged full of stolen stuff.  He was trying to sell its contents.  He also uses the washroom at that establishment to do his drugs.  I am sure that by the time this post has been read, that “photoframe” will have already exchanged hands.

For one wailing an axe, he sure isn’t very axeworthy, or is he?

I will keep an eye open and ears very focused at the Soup Kitchen, I also know his name and yeah he just got out of jail a few months ago. He has hit the Viet population , stole seven pair of jeans and tried selling them for twenty five. I think he should be sharing cell with BaBaa.

lmao again… you see in my posts that im selling it for someone else as in its theres. I have one ipod myself and i got that from my girlfriend i literely got the receipt saiyng it was payed for. Actually im pretty sure those topics that i was selling for someone else are gone now seen that they switched it to the other site now.

yeah i deleted it :smiley:

serial number is KCMVE729E01217
Manufactured July 07

I have no issue naming that piece of shit, he was married to mysister in the 80’s so I know all about this worthless piece of shit, he gives drugs a bad name and needs to die, his name is mike axworthy. It would actually be a act of kindness to him to put him out of his misery, and his sister with him. He has no respect for anyone or anything, and never has, he is incapable of any form of consideration  for anyone or anything other than feeding his disease. He has ripped me off many times in decades past and I have never forgave him, I will rejoice when I hear he has died and suffered terribly as it happened, that is truly the way that piece of shit needs to go, slow and painfully. the real injustice with this asshole is the justice system itself, wtf is he doing out of jail, he has about seven or eight trafficking charges along with countless B&E’s and assaults back in the 80’s, and has never slowed that behavior the entire time, it took the crown ten minutes to read his priors twenty five years ago and still does the same shit all these years yet he walks in public as free as the rest of us, that is bullshit.
     The citizens being harmed by this prick should demand an answer from the courts as to why they are not protected from this asshole, why do they let him out all the time just to torment the citizens again. If I had the guts I would nail that fucker with my car as he crossed a crosswalk and leave him for dead, cept it would be a gift to him, maybe its best to just let him continue the way he is enjoying the fact that his life sucks and is full of pain and misery, knowing that makes me feel a bit better about him walking the streets. here is a guy who has been arrested about one hundred and twenty times, and that isnt an exageration, although it sounds like it must be, back in 1987 i remember the judge’s exact words to him “in five years you have not been able to go 30 days without being arrested, what is wrong with you?”, that was twenty years ago and he is still permitted to carry on? He is an example of what is wrong with the legal system in canada, in the states he would have got a twenty years term so’s he cant rob the general public anymore.

It’s been a well known thing for years from many people that I know…each time this guy is let out of jail the B&E’s sky rocket considerably.

I knew that guy in late 70’s (Not a friend ) and he was a low life then,I think he did worse than B&E’s, If memory serves

Mike went into Subway last night, asked to borrow the phone and when the staff wasn’t looking he grabbed the tip jar (with over 70 dollars in it) and ran out. A very clear video is being forwarded to the Police. Hopefully it is enough to send him back where he belongs.

You wrote: "He is an example of what is wrong with the legal system in canada"
Tell me ChrisJ…who do you think stand to gain in having him "back on the road"
again and again…think about it for a minute…who defends him time after time and gets paid by our tax dollars?  That’s right…you have found the answer…and they  have become the present and future judges of our country and are the one who write the law also.   

Self serving isn’t it? 

This should be plain and simple for all to see.

Caveat…The above is my humble opinion.

i have been saying this for years

Well, that’s all fine.  Except that judges don’t write the laws.

That guys is one low life for sure. I seen that idiot about 2 weeks ago , he was trying to sell me something I forgot what is was, I told him no, anyway this idiot used to act tough when he never was, I almost smacked him around in the late 90s but he got scared rather then brave.

Anyway I think Prince Rupert has enough damn crack heads for how small it is, it is easyer to find coke then it is to find weed, crackheads steal and brake into anything anyware, pot smokers just smoke and relax and watch tv .

S o why is it that the police keep on going after people with small amounts of weed, when in every stinking bar in rupert , theres a coke dealer, it a joke and the RCMP are idiots for not getting the real problem coke/ crack dealers, stop the  coke dealers and mybe the fools that use it can get help for there addiction or even better move :smile:

I want a picture of the guy.  Bonus points go to whoever can find me one first!!

i also want a picture of this guy

I saw that Subway put up a sign at their till:

“MIKE AXWORTHY please come in and get a copy of the video of you stealing our tip jar off the counter!!” 

I had a good laugh when I read that, and then told the girls behind the counter he’s behind a lot of other crap that’s going on around town right now too.

I’m glad they are alerting the public that this guy is a dink.

Ask them for a copy… we could put it on youtube.

I want to see a pic of this mofo too!!  He may have my IPOD!  :imp: