Special Council Meeting called tonight at City Hall 7:00 pm October 16, 2008

All concerned citizens please attend.  It seems that there is
going to be some kind of discussion on the Hesse contract.

The Daily News received a press release late yesterday
afternoon from City Hall.

The release from the City states that the meeting will take place at 7:30 p.m. and the only item on the agenda is “Report to the Public as per Council’s resolution of September 8, 2008”.

Information on the meeting will be posted here and at thenorthernview.com following the meeting for those unable to attend.

Undoubtedly, the report will “exonorate” the Mayor, Council & City Manager.  That’s what happens when you state in advance as the Mayor did when he stated that the report will exonorate them.  Add that to the fact that the person hired was probably not a truly independent, at arms-length person and voila - you get a report with no credibility.  Too bad they didn’t use a truly third-party firm - a firm who have no expectation for future financial consideration and was an at-arms length law firm or chartered accounting firm.  That would have helped provide more objectivity free from bias.

Did you expect the Mayor to say that the report wouldn’t exonerate him? He doesn’t think that what he did was to the detriment of the City, so why should he think the report will do anything but exonerate him?

whats that old saying “Ignorance Is No Excuse for Breaking Law”

That’s for a lawyer to decide. What’s the old saying Astro? Innocent until proven guilty?

I thought it was shit are you still here :imp:

Let the truth be told…

Yes.  I’m very curious to hear what Mr. Rodin’s findings are.

Where there’s smoke there’s fire…

Will add this here, since it is pertinent to the discussion, as well as in The Northern View section of the site:

The City of Prince Rupert didn’t follow its own purchasing policies when it entered into contracts with Tanalee Hesse, but the failure to do so was not done with any ill intent or in any sort of secretive fashion.

Those were the findings of an investigation by both independent consultant George Paul, who served for 13 years as the Corporate Administrative Officer for the City of Penticton and for 17 years with the City of Prince George, of Community Solutions Incorporated and an investigation by the city’s external auditors, Carlyle Shepherd and Company, and reported at a special council meeting on October 16.

www.bclocalnews.com/bc_north/thenorther … 48499.html

Which is pretty much what I said would be the result of any inquiry into this matter a while back, wasn’t it? I’m very happy to see that an outside source was used (George Paul) and that questions will be taken at a later date to help clarify issues for all.

One thing that I need clarification on is the Community Charter and how it pertains to spouses working together in public office.  It was my understaning that this is forbidden and I do not see it as being addressed.  Is it okay that she was supposedly reporting directly to Mayor Pond?

Go look it up… :imp:


Is it forbidden?? The last municipality my family lived in, it would not have been an issue if either myself or our kids applied for civic jobs despite the fact my husband was a civic director. He did tell our kids he didn’t want them to apply for city jobs so there would be no chance of conflict of interest issues cropping up but I don’t recall anyone ever saying it would be illegal for one of us to work for the city.


Ive already looked at the section back when Ms. Ashley first brought it up.  Is this a non-issue now?  Have I missed something?

So, that’s it? The witch hunt is over?

Eccrentric, you are missing the point here.  This was not a witch hunt, it was a group of citizens who cared enough about our community to ask the questions, and failed to get the answers. 

Just maybe when you are old enough to pay taxes in this community, you will take issues like this a bit more serious…

Edit: Gotta start with this. Council Watch, I resent your implication that because I’m young I’m unable to form opinions. This has nothing to do with taxes, City West, or any number of the other issues that have been brought up using the Hesse contracts as a catylist.

Council Watch, it was a witch hunt. I don’t believe that the only thing driving Wilf Rimmer and Gina Garon was the mere concern that the City had not followed the proper procedure in an isolated case. They don’t like the Mayor or Council. Perhaps AnnaA’s motives were more pure, but I think she’s gotten herself riled up since her first post here.

The report showed that there was no ill intent, no secretive dealings, no attempts to impede the investigation or FOI requests–nothing wrong  except that Mayor and Council didn’t take the 15 seconds to formally ratify the original contract.

Perhaps I used the wrong word–so I’ll use a more objective title for what happened.

Rephrased: So, that’s it? This incident is over?

I think the idea of a conflict of interest has gone down the drain. Mayor Pond improperly signed Ms. Hesse’ contract, therefore eliminating the conflict but birthing the issue that was the subject of tonight’s meeting.