Sound off in terrace

hay theres gonna be a car show and sound off in terrace this coming sunday June 20th. If got a system in your car you should enter!

That guy that drives a blue Prelude should enter… that car sounds good.

which blue prelude? theres 2 that same colour.

the one with the phat sound id suppose. and thats tinh’s car. i hear ts 2 15"s, but that i havnt confirmed

oh i only know of the east indian guys, is the other system loud?

yeah, its pretty dease

any other cars, i want this sound off to be a good one.

Storey’s batmobile should enter…doesn’t he have 4 12’s now?

actaully 3, and it sounds pretty good, pretty loud.

I think my friend is entering with his cougar… he’s won the Terrace sound offs tons of times before with his numerous rides.

Oh yeah, and there’s a difference between sounding loud, and sounding good. If the only thing a car can do is be loud, then the chances are it won’t win squat.

storeys car has 2 12"s and 2 amps. he has no portholes in his box tho, so the sound isnt really good, and I don’t know if both his amps are setup. anyways, people will jsut laugh at his car

people laugh at the storey’s batmobile? WHATT???..

Yeah, sure I’ll enter. I’ll pull off my exhaust system after the manifolds on my new 400 cubic inch small block and take the prize hands down. 8)

There going for SPL in the car not out side the car…

that blue prelude in town i dunno the guys name its like thinh or something that car blows sack.

what do you drive? is it better?

i drive a bmw x5.

with 9 12’s, four amps, and 2 butt plugs.

haha tom u fag drive your jetta into my butt.

Also if the system can be heard outside , its loud inside, and ryan has THREE 12" subs, and TWO amps, his box DOES have ports but ti sound like chicken shit. Port will give u SPL, sealed will give you sound quality.