Sorry for the downtime

Sorry for the short downtime a few minutes ago.  I was doing something on the network and then got the bright idea to rewire a few things.

So… being in the mood to rewire things and fiddle a bit, I decided to upgrade the server somewhat.  Of course, the usual thing happened:  the 5 minute job turned into a 2 hour job of frustration.

Anyway, so I’m sure some stuff won’t work properly.  Wow, this is my hobby  :confused:

The good news is the server should be much faster.

I am test guy.

I like to test mod_rewrite.

Unfortunately, I suck at the mod_rewrite.

mod_rewrite your mom is a whore.

My brain hurts.


yeah yeah yeah

Can somebody else post so that I know something works?

32 seconds my ass.

your mom

Yes, I’m talking to myself.

why 32?

not 32?

Your mom has downtime.

Sandimas high football rules!


YOu wouldn’t believe what I had to do to that SQL table.

You wouldn’t believe what I did to mod_rewrite’s mom last night.

ok, almost all working again…

Well, mod_rewrite is fixed.

The new server is faster, etc.

But had to fight with it all night to get it to work.  Now I dunno if it works, until somebody (other than me or my schizophrenic friends) posts…