Sorry for the downtime

Great scott!  I think it works!

Ok, I’m going to bed at last.  Goodbye old server, hello new one.

Also, somebody remind me to test the reboot thing tomorrow.

MiG test the reboot thing tomorrow.

Wait… this tomorrow or the next tomorrow?

Why did you have to fight with it all night ?

Just tested it. It works great.  Just wanted to make sure it would come back by itself in case of an extended power failure.

'cause mod_rewrite wasn’t working properly.

Which server crashed, MiG? The thin client?  HTMF?

No, didn’t crash.  I moved some stuff on my home LAN on Friday, then I got the bright idea that I should upgrade the HTMF server too while I was messing with things.

The upgrade went smoothly, but then it took me a long time to get mod_rewrite working the way I wanted.

Cool.  Glad the upgrade went well! :smiley:

How many times did you say “in theory it should work” I know i said that a bunch of times while fixing my car yesterday. To those would be “mechanics” who think taking their turbo off and replacing all the gaskets and their exhaust manifold will be “not that bad”. It really wasnt except for the fact the screw fell out of my radiator and i got a face full of coolant  :laughing:

I’ve been having similar moments with my photoblog’s template.  It looks fine in IE, and when I use Firefox and hit the preview button in Blogger it looks fine too.  But when I look at it normally in Firefox, the sidebar jumps to the bottom of the page.  And I don’t have a damn clue why.