Socks with sandals

i’ve been told this is bad. is it?

MiG will tell you it’s bad. I’ll say it’s comfy.

It all depends on what kind of sandals they are, and what kind of socks you choose to wear with them. Nike sport sandals and white nike socks are ok by me, while leather sandals of any kind with black socks are hideous.

It’s just personal prefrence, whether there are websites devoted to it or not.

Meh socks with sandals aren’t a bad thing really, its only bad if ya know…you look at peoples feet. Fetish bastards

get clogs if you want to rock an open toed shoe with socks.

now, im not one to enjoy feet that much anyway, but thats fuckin hideous

ps, whats with the etch a sketch in the background?

Send it to some fetish site, they’ll get a real kick out of it. Maybe they’ll ask you to strip for them and you can show them some toe :astonished:

that’s called a mac. it’s a kind of computer.

GO DIRECTLY TO JAIL! Do not pass go… do not collect $200… and DO NOT show that picture ever again!

hoshq, how was your back after that pic? Seems like a good stretch to me.

there is nothing wrong with socks and sandals. some times you have no dry shoes and its too cold to wear just sandals.

No one sees the stuff between your toes…

Ok, Mig, I think that you need to incorporate the Sock/Sandal website for us into this thread.

If you want to wear socks, then why are you wearing sandals?

If your feet are cold, then why wear sandals?

Doesn’t make any sense at all. Certainly not made for it, anyway.

Like wearing a fur coat and a wife-beater. They’re mutually-exclusive. They serve different functions.

Does it look bad? Oh yeah.

People who wear socks and sandals are beyond the wide spectrum of generally-accepted fashion anyway. They probably would wear a wife-beater and a fur coat.

Want to change my mind? Find me a picture of somebody wearing socks and sandals who doesn’t look totally ugly, and I’ll change my mind. The truth is, no such picture exists.

(this coolness test is based on Matt’s Coolness Test)

I wear sandals with socks because I have extremely white feet and tan lines from years of wearing socks when I wear shorts. I’m doing you all a favour… trust me.


How was bowling tonight Scrub?

175 and 199 or something? sub 200?

i like that game

That’s pretty good… the entire team we were bowling against didn’t have averages that high.

sweet yea we had a couple people breaking 200, i dig bowling, girls can be good at it, and lots of fun headgamse you can play with yourself.

its like organized rock throwing… and i love a good rock throwing.