Global warming my ass.

This is earlier then last year.

BUt yeha SNOW YEAH!!

I know there’s a fart / CO2 emissions joke in there somewhere…

I hate snow.

Perhaps the “cycle” that my Stepdad was talking about is coming to an end.

Start skiing and you will change this un-canadian attitude, eh!

Anyone know when the ski hill opens?

Dec. 14

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I only hate it because it’s a pain in the ass to get around when it snows. Anytime I’m driving with my mom, it’s painful as she goes 15km/h and makes bad decisions about where to go, not thinking that the road won’t be plowed or sanded yet. Our driveway is also a pain in the ass under the nicest conditions, so it only gets worse in the snow and cold.

Oh yeah, and I hate walking on icy or snowy sidewalks. I’m not a fan of changing my pants because the bottoms are soaked after every time I step outside either.

move to victoria. except it’s supposed to snow in a few days…odd…i just went outside and it’s really cold

Learn more about global warming. Some places will actually get colder, others more precip.

Prince Rupert is the Latter, if you know what I mean.

Yeah, Rupert is bad with snow, because more than 50% of the time it rains afterwards, creating slush and harsh driving conditions. I remember when it dumped a foot or two of snow and it rained right afterwards, 4 vehicles were stuck on the intersection behind McBride funeral home on 5th West. Not to mention it was awful to walk in.

Out here, it just snows, and snows, and freezes your toes off, and snows.

I really do think though, that I brought Rupert with me while moving here (last Christmas was the first time in 10 or so years that Moncton hasn’t gotten snow :open_mouth: )

Snow is cold
but sledding and snow tubing are fun

Even worse is when it snows a lot, rains, which creates big piles of slush then freezes those piles into nice rock hard icy speed bumps.


Even worse is when it snows a lot, rains, which creates big piles of slush then freezes those piles into nice rock hard icy speed bumps.[/quote]

Never thought of that :astonished:

Kinda like all the parking lots here in GP… Hell when riding the bicycle! I can deal with the snow, -20 weather and Albertan drivers, but the ice ruts are death. It’s been snowing off and on here for the last 3 or 4 days. Probably about 2 or 3 inches on the ground right now. I hear it’s supposed ot warm up again to the positive numbers next week, that should be interesting. The last week or two we had ~+12C weather a day after it was ~-15C, very very sporatic weather here.

I was loving the snow here in kelowna until the plow’s ruined my fun :frowning:

I did some nice work in the ICBC parking lot and my work parking lot :wink:

AWD doughnuts are fun, especially since as soon as you straighten the steering wheel the car rights itself… nothing like doing a doughnut at 30k/hr… so my speedo said. My girlfriend really didnt like it she felt sick but I was having a great old time.

It snowed up here last night and so now the plows are out in force. I got woken up at 5am! I am so very angry right now.

it actually did snow in victoria :open_mouth: i was shocked! and it was snowing in black creek this weekend too! i went up there to visit my parents.

I was living in Victoria in 1994 or '95 when Victoria received a huge dump of snow. What made matters worse, however, was the fact that the town has only one or two snow ploughs.

Huge dump? Like a centimetre?

Did they have to call out the Army like Toronto?