Smart Meters

Got my BC Hydro notice that they intend to install a Smart Meter on my house. I however have contacted them to let them know that they are not welcome to do so. I suggest you do the same. View the video below for an eye opening bit of information on these devices…

BC Hydro,
Smart Meter Specialist Department
6911 Southpoint Drive, Burnaby BC, V3N 4X8

Attention B.C. Hydro, Corix Utilities and agents and/or assignees thereof:

Re: Refusal of Smart Meter on my Residence / Workplace

Dated: , 201 B.C. Hydro Account # on bill

Address: ___________________________________________________________

Please accept this as your official notice from this date forward of my absolute refusal to allow the installation of a wireless Smart Meter on my home or premises at full address _______________________________________________________

Take notice that B.C. Hydro, Corix Utilities and /or agents and assignees thereof do not have my authorization, permission or consent to enter my property, business or premises for the purpose of replacing my current meter with a wireless Smart Meter.

Any attempt to install this device on my property or residence will constitute trespass and a violation of rights afforded to me as a citizen of Canada.

I refuse your wireless Smart Meter on the grounds that it has the capability of being a surveillance system, used by you or other parties, which could violate my right to privacy.

Also: my fundamental democratic right to protect my health from a possible carcinogen, specifically radiofrequency electromagnetic fields emitted by your wireless Smart Meter, supersedes any right you have to install a wireless Smart Meter on my property.

You still have authorization to attend at my property for the purpose of reading the non-wireless meter manually.

Name in full ________________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________

[quote=“fatdumnhappy”]Got my BC Hydro notice that they intend to install a Smart Meter on my house. I however have contacted them to let them know that they are not welcome to do so. I suggest you do the same. View the video below for an eye opening bit of information on these devices…[/quote]

They know when you are sleeping,
They know when you’re awake
They know if you’ve been bad or good,
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Smart Meters, Santa Claus or Beelzebub, you decide…

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My question for you fatdumnhappy is, do you use a cell phone, a wireless router, or any other device that transmits radio frequencies?
I’m just curious…

So…these smart meters…do we HAVE a choice at all…even if we say no, can’t they still come and put them in when we are not at home?

These things are not optional correct?

BubbaSteve: I do use a cell phone, and a wireless router. The video, if you watched it is very “Americanized”, and I do not fall into the gov’t conspiracy theory category. However I do believe that such a component should be an option for the consumer, and not a mandatory item, such as my cell phone, or wireless router. Being told by a corporation how I must use there product, is not on my favourites list. I do not own my own wind turbine, so like the rest of us, I to will have one of these meters installed on my house. If you do not inform the corporations which are dictating how and when we can harness our resources how you are concerned, then you have no grounds to complain. I have seen these meters kill all plant life within a six foot radius, I do not know if I would like it just a few feet from my pillow…

bthedog: After my letter that I submitted to BC Hydro, I received a response saying quote " we currently do not have an opt out option" So yes there coming. Utility companies have easement rights to your property, If you feel strongly enough, the only way to prevent the install would be under lock and key, or perhaps a fenced yard with an attack dog. The problem I have with the forced installation of these devices, is they are still under review as to there safety, but further more there security, or lack there of. I have seen video of hackers, being able to turn the power on and off in a McDonalds, via a laptop in the parking lot, by hacking the smart meter. Your info is being sent out for anyone to retrieve, no different then a thief hacking your automatic garage door opener.

Sorry but I just gotta call bullshit and ask what conjecture you’re basing this statement on? Are you saying you have actually watched plant life die within six feet of a smart meter. Sorry, not buying it, even if the rest of what you said makes sense.

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Your friend seems to be enjoying the experience LOL. What a sour puss!!

I want mine in the shape of a swan please.

But really, I don’t really believe all of the negative hype going on around them. I don’t think we should be forced to switch over either, if we don’t want to. It’s just a money grab. And a reason to lay off a swack load of people. And you can’t even boycott them… Just sick…

Bare with me iam new but the smart meters are coming and you don’t have a choice in the matter, that is to bad because I thought i lived in canada and owned my own home, and if i don’t want the hydro company to sell info to corperations i should have that choice because let’s face it that is why the smart meters are going to be installed it’s all about money.

Rich Coleman said the Smartmeters would cover the $2.2B deficit he created. Yeah, right!

Here’s another twist to the debate:

My smart meter was installed when I was at work. I had a notification flyer left on my front door informing me of the installation. Thankfully, my UPS kept my router running when my power was briefly shut off. … Meters.pdf

[quote]Smart Meters and collectors operate at a maximum nominal power of 1 Watt in the Industrial- Scientific-Medical (ISM) frequency band (900 – 928 MHz) in order to permit communication from the collector to the meters.
Communications from the Smart Meter to the customer’s In Home Display (IHD) at a frequency of 2.4 GHz is available as an option.
Industry Canada requires that the combined maximum transmitter power plus antenna gain not be in excess of 36 dBm (equivalent to 04 Watts) as required by Radio Standards Specification (RSS) 210[/quote]

A choice to wreak havoc on last mile wireless to home customers on the 900 band (penetrates tree cover) OR on the 2.4 band and wreak havoc on thousands of last mile customers and almost all home wireless routers.
ONE customer had a smart meter installed and immediately his and his two neighbours saw their signal strength change by 10db. My phones rang for a month asking when I was going to fix it.
ONE customer’s to home signal disappeared completely, the same day his meter was installed. Do a site survey and it just didn’t show up at all, even though the AP was nearby. Fortunately he had another AP on a different channel to use.
Google mart meter frequency, the top stories are from MAine where customers have complained about their home wireless interference. THe response was that all THEY had to do was change their router’s channel. Everyone else had to change, not the power company.
Not much help to those complaining of garage doors opening and closing whenever the meter activates though…

My neighbors are gonna hate me when i start jamming the 2.4ghz band.

righttttttttt joel…

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Seeing as how our building is already saturated with 2.4 when they installed the meters I set up four 900 APs one on each channel with 8db to 12db sect orals.
Nothing happened. I really hoped Hydro would dare to complain.