Smart Meters

[quote=“herbie_popnecker”]Seeing as how our building is already saturated with 2.4 when they installed the meters I set up four 900 APs one on each channel with 8db to 12db sect orals.
Nothing happened. I really hoped Hydro would dare to complain.[/quote]

Nice coper can over the meter might fix them :smile: hahah

A couple of links worth looking into. I don’t think they should be putting these meters in without know health issues and what about people with pacemakers? I don’t like where this is going and who has access your your information. What happened to the right of privacy?

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One lady did have her’s removed because she was feeling sick: … art-meters

Had a Corix Installer come by the office a few months back, told me he would be back to install a smart meter the next day. I told him to beat it, no smart meters allowed on nthis property. Few weeks later he came back, threatened to cut us off if we didn’t change the meter. I called BC Hydro and vented. The BC gov has a campaign to end bullying, I say start with BC Hydro. There is currently a human rights case before the BC Human Rights Tribunal concerning smart meters…until that case is decided…hit the road BC Hydro and take your Corix Scabs with you.

My bills have steadily gone down since my smart meter was put in last year…there is no way I would switch back to the old ones now.

I agree also on the lower bills.

With how technology is over taking everything nowadays, I don’t see why not switching over to the new Smart Meters. Watch out that your hydro doesn’t get cut off it is very cold out.

BC Hydro confirmed that it is not going to install smart meters without the permission of residents, but it’s not clear what the Crown corporation’s long term plan is.

This story appears on at the following URL: … meter.html

Can’t figure out how smart meters are a violation of human rights. Anyway if you’re worried about privacy you obviously don’t use internet, atm cards, cable/satellite receivers, cellular devices. All of which send/receive data and info about consumer habits.

Besides, you have every right to fight for what you believe in. Just remember, all hydro has to do is say “ok you don’t want a new meter fine, but we’re collecting all the old meters, have a nice day”.

I still do not have a smart meter. In fact my old meter stopped working do to a mechanical issue, and they came and installed a brand new old style meter, due to the letter that I sent them. With the smart meter, they will index your billing based on peak hour usage as they already due in many other areas. Forget about using your oven between 5 and 6, it will be cheaper to eat out. Or how about doing laundry on a Sunday afternoon. Better to get out an old washboard, and hang it to dry in Rupert’s rain. These meters may have decreased your bill somehow right now, but in the near future, you will be showering in the morning outside with the garden hose, to avoid running your hot water tank in the a.m. Peak hour premiums will increase your bill, unless you work the nightshift, and don’t fall into data graphed usage times.

I recently moved into a house that had a smart meter installed, our first month the bill was happily low while we moved in, the one for the following two months was ridiculously high. Over three times as much for one month. I was wondering if anyone else might have experienced something like this?

Ours went from about $100 to $480.00 and $400ish since then, talked to several people about it and 30 of them have same problems, of course bc hydro no help at all, ugly joke


Ours went from about $100 to $480.00 and $400ish since then, talked to several people about it and 30 of them have same problems, of course bc hydro no help at all, ugly joke[/quote]

our bill for two months was over $1000, so far no answers for us either :frowning:

Our bill for the last 2 months was less than $450 which is less than the same amount from last year. We have done improvements the last couple of years and I am a Power Smart member and have purposely watched our hydro use. We actually saved 23% in useage over the last year. We still use our electric heat and lights etc… So I don’t know why some peoples rates are so much higher.

You can check your usage hour by hour if you register with bc hydro on line. You can even compare your usage to those around you.

For me its not about the monthly bill, privacy or the health issues associated with the smart meters, its about the way BC Hydro forced them upon us. Sure they have a campaign to extoll the virtues of the smart meter but they dont tell you its your right to refuse, there is no law broken if you dont change your meter. If fact not only does BC Hydro “spin” the truth, they outright threaten you through their Corix scabs. Stand up to the bullies, BC Hydro says there are 87,000 old meters remaining to be replaced, I intend to make this office the last one.

The difficulty is that when you choose to live on the grid with access to hydro you are provided with a meter that is not yours. Thus ones perception that you might have a choice in whether the change or upgrade is needed is up for debate.

If I was them I would say fine, no power for you. It is their equipment, not yours.

Some of these workers are very rude and almost threatning in their approach to changing the meters, not listening why you don’t want one installed.

How can you blame them? People trying to stop you from doing your job, after a while of course they are going to get pissed off.

These meters are the property of BC Hydro, end of story.

I must be one of the lucky few who doesn’t get hassled. Both meters in my properties are located inside the property - one they can read through a window and the other they need me to give them access to. My guess is that if I allowed them to put smart meters in, they would then charge me an exorbitant fee to move the meters from inside the property to the outside.

Is there anyone else who had an old meter inside their property and has had a smart meter installed to the outside of their property? If so, were you charged and how much?