Skateboarders! Get off the roads..Aaaargh!

OK, am sick of this! Kids on their damn skateboards everywhere they shouldn’t be for a thrill ! Well, 2 almost got hit last night near Safeway boarding in the opposite lane of traffic, had folks swearing at them from the sidewalks and they just gave them the finger! Did they not have a great skateboard park built for them but no, they put people at risk boarding on the sidewalks and themselves and drivers on the streets and what’s up with them in the Mall? Does security not see this crap? You report something in the Mall and they just shrug their shoulders. Kids will be kids, BS !! No respect for themselves or anyone else and on another note, STOP standing in front of Tims and spitting every 2 seconds, customers really don’t want to sit there having to watch that crap ! OK, vent over …

Damn you

So you where an angel when you where a kid ?

You kids get off my lawn.

Eastwood does it the best.

Strongly disagree. I don’t see any stereotyping. If there are kids on skateboards in the wrong lane of traffic who are also fingering passersby then they deserve any criticism they get. I don’t believe that they have any rights on the road either. Even if they do, they’re operating it outside of what is acceptable. Can I drive my car down the road in the wrong lane fingering people?

Run them over …That will get their attention !

The you will get charged. Good plan lol

You have to think like the teenagers do:
What’s it to ya old man? We know if you run us over and kill us dead you’ll get in big trouble!!!


So you where an angel when you where a kid ?[/quote]

Was I an angel “speedy”? Nooooo way but you know what, I was raised with a little fear of my military Dad and I was raised to respect other people by both my parents, maybe not always myself, but I did not put others at risk or kick authority in the teeth either! I waited til I was in my late teens to do that ! These kids get hurt? Who’s going to be crying the blues then? If you saw one of your kids boarding like they do now and treating others they way they see fit to do, would you not find it disturbing or would it just be a “rite of passage”?


The you will get charged. Good plan lol[/quote]

May I ask. Charged with what?

See what I mean?
I’ll be dead but YOU will get $200 fine and 6 points. DOH

I doubt anyone would be charged or fined for running down a skateboarder who is riding on the wrong side of the road. Good luck being dead.

Well, on the other hand…
Yes there are teenagers skateboarding like they own the place, and yes that is annoying. However, we are not allowed to kill them, nor maim them, and it’s much better for the blood pressure to accept that they are there and drive very carefully. They are idiots, but they won’t always be. One day they’ll be bitter old men posting on HTMF about kids.

Hahahahaha ++

I’d like them to also stay off the sidewalks, particularly Downtown. Twice in the past few days I saw pedestrians having to jump out of the way or be hit. I nearly hit one while making a left turn by City Hall, boarder jumped from sidewalk to street right in front of me.

There are too many states nowadays.

I am not making this story up. This happened on 2nd Ave last fall.
I was just in front of Garry’s Lock shop north bound when I had a
weird feeling that I should slow down. I did and when I was just at
the mid point of the intersection by the theater a skate boarder
coming down 5th street full speed went right onto 2nd Ave in front of me!
There were no people waiting to cross at the cross walk as I approached
so if I was doing the normal speed that you do when there are no
obvious people that may jump out I would have hit this male late teen or
adult skateboarder.

The consequences whether bad for me or very bad for the boarder
are hard to think of. I would probably have been found not at fault because
I always keep to the speed limit, but the trauma of hitting and injuring
or killing someone, even if it was not your fault is a hard thing to live
with and especially so in a small town.

Why that feeling to slow down came over me at that very time still
haunts me.

Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection should take care of this for us.

I’ve saved five young lives with my brakes and high-alertness in the past four years in PR. Thanks I get: the finger. Only one boardЯ tho

There’s always the one dumb kid who has to serve as an example of why you don’t do certain things - sadly the parents will feel the loss or burden of a crippled child.

HINT: You think a vehicle gives a shyte about how much of a badass you think you are? hahah the only badass in that equation is the adult that’s going to be scraping your face off the pavement.