Singh in trouble?

PM predicts Singh will lose his crucial election bid.

Singh’s view on cultural diversity changes depending on which country he’s in. The parachute he came to Burnaby on ( in?) is weakening.

He isn’t getting the traction of past NDP leaders. I don’t like his chances of political survival if he gets defeated by Lee.

I think Singh’s election chances has gotten a bit better now that the SNC-Lavalin fiasco is blowing up.

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That riding is very NDP. And now is not the time for new leadership. Hope he wins, then runs in his own Ont. riding come election time.
I think there’s a way better leader for the NDP and most of on this board have met him. But operative word is leader, not sacrificial lamb. 2019 will be a status quo vs - I am NOT Harper (I’m worse!) - contest.


I think I know who you mean. I agree even though I’m not a fan of him. I’m very curious to see how Singh does in the upcoming contest.


I see this issue fizzling away. From what I’ve been reading, cabinet members have seen Jody as more of an independant compared to a team player. Granted, her role as justice minister required some separation.
She may have issue with the new DPA legislation.

Note: this was a reply to PLA’s post.

Yeah SNC probably is guilty, Jody. And we could fine them into oblivion throw thousands out of work and get Quebec in an uproar right at election time. The decision’s entirely yours, Jody, I won’t interfere.
-Justin (see [ no political interference!)


Well, it’s not fizzling away if the media are still talking about it.

BTW, Gerald Butts quit.

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I should have defined fizzle.
Cost taxpayers a ton of cash and have little or no affect ( or is it effect?) On election day.

herbie_popnecker, agreed on all points,but damn,
Are we gonna stand on a soapbox and preach principle ( criminal proceding ). With the jobs of Canadians?
Lets keep this in context.The particular charges against SNC are. Bribery.
Bribery in politics? Unheard of.

Yes, keep it in context. Bribery. Not by or to any Canadian politicians. By a company to Libyan politicians.
So if Trudeau looked right in the cameras and said “I told her to offer them a plea deal”, my response would be: Oh.

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Well, some of the bribery definitely happened in Canada. Saskatchewan and Quebec?

I will be interested to see how this plays out on Monday, February 25th.

Mr Singh gets the knod. Like it or otherwise, the electorate has spoken.

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Indeed. He’ll get my vote this Fall. I think that his leadership is still on the line if he doesn’t make up some of the seats that Mulcair gave up in 2015. It will be an interesting election.

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“We had [former NDP Leader] Thomas Mulcair accuse him of international war crimes on national television, handed out Jehovah Witness material instead of campaign flyers, and spread a rumour that he wants to build nuclear weapons to blast baby whales out of the Strait of Georgia and force vegans to eat their radio-active carcasses.’”

Hahaha, love the beaverton, it’s right up there with the onion. It’s funny and sadly true.

Putting it on this thread because of previous posts.

Anyone one wanna weigh in on where this Jody/ Justin thing is headed?

Is the voting public concerned about rule of law or jobs? Should the crimes of high level execs be paid for by job loss of the innocent?
Jody admitted there was nothing illegal said or implied.
Veiled threats turn out to be 8-10 phone calls in a 2 week period.
Did the Jody’s justice minister role clash with her attorney general role?
Scheer and Cullen are pressing hard.
Ethics committee
Justice committee

Fun stuff. Makes for good debate.

The Conservative leader smells blood in the water. I think this is bad for JT and it will cost him seats in the Fall. JT will not willingly resign in my opinion. I found Jody’s testimony to be truthful and compelling.

politics is politics might not have been illegal but if the shoe was on the other foot the liberals would be doing the same thing, opposition job is to make government look bad so they can get re-elected, lets see if this mini-scandal sticks in next election

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