Simpsons episodes for download

dudes. i have been trying to download simpsons episodes over kazaa, and its just not happening. whats the optimum method to download simpsons episodes in this day and age?

also, is the head dude at the radioshack insane?

huh? kazaa works for me should work for you.

  1. Bit torrent

  2. Everyone that works at the Shack gives me the creeps.

  1. I have downloaded this mysterious software, but im not sure how it works. Is it useful only for files that many people are downloading at the moment? So I could only use it to download the newest episodes as they are released to the public?

  2. Twice I’ve been in there, and its taken the head dude between 5 and 10 minutes to run a simple interac transaction, mainly because he’s talking to a coworker about his rock hard abs or how he thought his coworkers wife was “rotund, you know, a big lady, a big one”.


Bittorrents are great. Once installed you should just be able to click on a hyperlink or open a downloaded torrent and it should start automatically and ask where you want to save the file.

They usually are good for new files, but they will work with older files as long as one person is seeding.

The head old dude at the Shack has told me numerous times I have a twin and she’s in cadets. He’s even told me he’s seen me on the plane a few times, when I haven’t been anywhere near the plane for a year.

And yes, he takes forever to do things.

I havent been to radio shack or creative in 5 months. Im so proud of myself.

Radio Shack is great, because I just walk in, and am like, “I need a 120 ohm resistor, an S=Video to RCA cable, and an antenna for my CB radio?”

It’s their computer sales and stuff like that that suck. And their creepy staff.

As long as you don’t get a pedophile gay guy staring at you licking his lips I’m fine.

S=Video to RCA cable… is that possible?

um, yeah…

i’ll take two!

That’ll be $100 please.

Yeah, I spent like $70 on cables and couplers to be able to output from my computer, to a TV about 30 feet away.



That’ll be $100 please.[/quote]

They are only $30 at Radio Shack. Or they were back in March.


That’ll be $100 please.

They are only $30 at Radio Shack. Or they were back in March.[/quote]

I would sell him mine, and since I’ve touched them, they are worth more. :smiling_imp:

Like that oft-referred to bottle of Barq’s, and the Ensuing Ebay Escapades!!™

Ebay escapades are fun! Specially when you sell stuff on there for double what you won the auction for in the first place!

I hope that your using kazaa lite and NOT kazaa! Kazaa lite is anti search bots so the riaa cant find you. Get kazaa lite not kazaa! 8)