Should you upgrade to Vista? Helpful flowchart:-)

Should you upgrade? :smiley:

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i just bought a new server computer with vista, lots of eye candy, thats about it, nothing that window blinds cant do…hehe

I’m thinking of buying a Vista box in the next 6-12 months for my 12 year old.  Have you noticed any bugs yet on the unit?  More stable than XP Pro?

yes, I use devside server its a all in one software package and it dont like Vista yet, other then that I have not tried installing other types of software, I’m sure there will be driver issues with older hardware. I would waite and realy I would have too but the comp came with vista.

I’m using Vista right now, and, like any previous OS upgrade before it, while it is a little bit different (I’ve noticed a few things with improved functionality, or a more logical integration than with XP), it’s not a huge difference.

Nobody (well, except maybe hitest, posting a screenshot of his different linux distro every day :wink: ) uses their computer for the operating system. I’m still using the same applications, so my overall computing experience hasn’t changed.

I’m not sure if it’s a result of my graphics card drivers, or the operating system, but the dual monitor performance seems a lot better (the control panel for setting up your monitors is the same, but I can run 3D games on both monitors simultaneously and get a much (like 10x) better framerate than I did in XP.

Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated:-)  Yes, I want to wait a bit until hardware and software  issues are sorted out.  But, I will be buying a new unit for my kid.
I will inherit my daughter’s old XP Pro box…slackware:-)

I was going to upgrade my X2 4200 to Vista, I had one of those ‘upgrade coupons’. Went online, and the only option to go from XP64 was ‘business’ for about $34. My Visa wasn’t accepted.
Hour later I used the Visa to renew a couple domains online, it worked fine.
Tired again the next day, the price had dropped to about $32, but Visa still did not go thru.

Now I realize it is the wrond one anyway, the 4200 does tons of picture work and video work. I need the ULTIMATE Edition, 64 bit.
My supplier said they’d actually have the OEM Vista’s by next Friday. As of yesterday they only actually had Home Basic and Business, 32 bit in stock.

Has anyone had any luck playing online games with Vista? I keep seeing stuff around the internet telling people if you’re a gamer you’ll want to stay away from Vista right now and wait until they patch some things.

I don’t have the details as I only skimmed the articles. Vista is meaningless to me right now as I can see no compelling reason to upgrade from XP.


World of Warcraft has been fine so far.

Thanks Eso. I know some of my friends were having trouble getting Vanguard to run on it, but it was in beta when they were trying so that no doubt caused it.


Yeah, I had some problems with a few games during the Vista beta, but I think that was mostly due to the beta video card drivers.

Haven’t encountered any problems here so far.

ATI or Nvidia? There is apparently no support for my AIW X800 video capture/encoding as of yet for Vista. ATI hasn’t given any info on this issue, and may never bother to. After reading that you’re currently running Vista without complaints, I decided to give it, and the new media center a try. The OS seems nice, but without PVR capability I can’t use it. Luckily this is just a spare drive. I’ll probably plug my XP installtion back in until ATI launches a compatible driver. If they don’t, I’ll stick with XP.

Other than all of that, the OS is sleek, smooth and fast, even with my 1GB DDR.

Most simple ‘upgrade to Vista Ultimate’ flowchart:

I have $300-$500 I don’t need for rent, food, or toilet paper:

LOL :smiley:

My daughter and I are starting to look at what type of computer we’ll buy next.  We are starting to seriously look at getting a Mac.  I love Unix, so that seems like a natural choice.  We may also get a Vista unit…decisions, decisions. :smiley:

Get her a Macbook.  You can run Mac OS X, Vista, XP, Linux all in one.

Ok I have to ask. If you are running a windows OS on an Apple laptop, is there really a signifigant different in what you’re getting compared to say a Dell laptop running the same OS? I understand that there is a huge difference between the Windows OS and the Apple OS, but what’s the difference hardware wise?

I’m not looking to start an argument about it, I’m just curious for my own education.


Yeah, that’s the way we’re leaning, she likes the Macbooks, they’re very sweet. 
I’ve got a wired LAN at home, but, would like to move out of the 90s and go wireless when we get our new unit.
Is it better to get an airport extreme base station for this, or should I just get some other wireless router?


Wireless by necessity, not necessarily wireless. Ping delays. Security issues. Networking annoyances. Size annoyances. Interference issues. Shit there’s even health issues.
Dumbest thing I ever saw was a lab on one reserve with 4 tables of 5 computers, all with wireless cards ($80 at the time) trying to run off a pissy little DLink 524. A triumph of salesmanship over efficiency.
Next dumbest is the number of desktops I’ve seen with wireless, less than 3 feet from the router.
My Mac is at the other end of a finished suite I don’t own. So’s the laptop. I have to use wireless.

Good points, herbie:-) 
My DSL connection is downstairs with my wired LAN (4 PCs) and my daughter would like on occasion to surf, and work upstairs.  I was aware of the security issues, hence my interest in the extreme base station which has good built-in wireless security.
Health issues?  I’m curious, what health issues? :smiley:

Simply the sheer amount of radiation we’re comfortable with exposing ourselves to.
Remember the fuss about cellphones? Unproven, proven wrong or what, there’s a point you gotta say ‘how much?’. I just don’t want to leave that determination completely in the hands of the People Who Brought You Thalidomide and Napalm.
Home wireless units are available running 250mw now. That’s 4X what we used to shoot a T1 over 100 miles 7 years ago.
The microwave oven has a screen, safety locks and a U/L sticker on it. The cellphone got an investigation or two. They’re all in the same spectrum…