Should we sell Citywest?

citytel is no longer citywest or citytel.  Its been sold, they should remove the city from it, cause this city is no longer profiting.

Should we just sell out to a big player who has Billions in capital to draw off of, and use the money to pay Rupert’s bill’s, fix infrastructure, and invest in other revenue generating projects like hydroelectric.
Or, do we keep investing, hoping that we can compete with the big boys, go further into debt, and rarely see a dividend return to the city?
I personally feel kinda proud that we own our communications network, but it has been the only player in town for way too long, and we have all suffered for it in the end.  I don’t know if we can compete.  Any idea’s?


I need to shout that out, as with all other players there are caps on downloading, and I 4 sure do not want to be told I have used my limit after a few days and then pay a huge amount money for downloading.  :confused:

Agreed.  I regularly download huge ISO files and would not want to be penalized for doing that.

The city does not own it anymore

Of course it does.

If the city doesn’t own it, then who does?

Who told you that?
Whoever did, needs to get their sources checked again.

It was sold, you guys will hear about it soon enough.

Billy check out the CRTC website  any possible sale will be on that site and its not…

This is huge bonus we get that is mostly overlooked, its easy to jump in on the bitch wagon but as astro says there isnt many providers that would tolerate downloading 150 gig a month for 59.99, we have been spoiled with it, 5-6 gig per month limit is very common everywhere else. What good is a 15 meg line if you hit your monthly limit in two hours, I’ll take a constant 5.

well I must be downloading more than 150 GB per month, because I’m on Premium DSL but I’m capped on Standard DSL Speeds.


Source or nothing happen.

billy mccrackin smoker…
city tel has not been sold.
Its the city’s cash cow…it will provide new equipment for the swimming pool.


WTF Mike?

Maybe with the money they got for it.  Trust me its not owned by Prince Rupert anymore

Ah yes, “Trust Me”, the two most dangerous words in the english language. Can’t see anything troublesome coming from that explanation :smiley:

Perhaps a few more details may aid in your believability quota… 

:unamused:silly silly people… :smiley:

Asked a board member about it, and he says it hasn’t been sold. So… guess you’re in the know.

But… let’s say the City doesn’t own it anymore. Who, in that case, is “we”?

Well seeing as how some of you guys seem to have stood in the rain too long and think there’ll be a line-up of buyers,
I’ll make a formal offer of $1.99
just to outbid Telus.