Shopping in town Why?

Businesses wanting us Rupert people to keep shopping locally and to support them, I always take my business elsewhere simply because they do not offer any good deals to us at all… simply there were little Boxing Day sales…this town is sad…  keep shopping local… well help your local community with the financial hardship many suffer from.

No reason for me to start another thread when this one is sort of on the same track…

I’m looking for “tulle” on rolls.  Before I spend my money online or go to Terrace (who knows if I’d even find it there?), can someone tell me if they’ve seen any in town?

(Tulle is the stuff you use to make wedding veils, and tutus, and such)

The customer service is also atrocious. I once had a service worker bark at me, “What are you staring at?â€

theres an ad at the bottom of the page for tulle’s lol

Call the dress maker place. The one on third Ave. And if they won’t sell you any, call up fabric land in terrace. They’re bound to have something or be able to order something in.

I was able to buy some in Wal-Mart and The Creative Zone sold it last year also but then again, a call first would save you some driving time. Is there a wedding dress shop in Terrace?  If so, then they could be your answer.  Good Luck and if I get any info from some crafty buds, I’ll post it for you  :smiley:

I think I’ll try the dress place, thanks.  I found some online at not too bad a price, and the shipping is cheaper than driving to Terrace. (also, I wouldn’t be able to drive there until the spring, 'cause my tires suck)…  but I could always put in an “order” with someone going to Terrace.  I’d really like to find something in town first though.  I like to shop locally if I can.

Most of the boxing day ‘blowouts’ or sales are bs.  Stores bring in cheap shit to sell just to get customers through the doors.  First week of January sales have always seriously kicked ass over supposed ‘boxing day sales’ in other towns - I can’t say for sure that it happens here, but if it can happen in a smaller town than Rupert, then it probably happens here too. :smile:

watching global news interviewing “big city shoppers” last night and those folks didn’t seem to think there were any better after Christmas deals in their malls either.  Depends what a guy is looking for.  I bought an Xbox before Christmas and now it is $50 less - but good ol’ Zellers gave me back $50 when I went to inquire at their office!! yay, for shopping local.

any major store price protects . best way to boxing day shop is get the flyer before the day see what you like stroll in their and get your difference back. i print prices off stores online and zellers sells their products to me at the price i find elsewhere. no problems its their policies chainwide

Why do any of you even live in this town?  all you guys do is complain about gas prices, store prices, resturants, what the city spends money on.  Maybe you should just move

right on billy

Because if they didn’t live here, they’d find something else to bitch about…

People like them, are never, ever happy. Unless you count being happily bitchy.

I find the exact same people don’t have the ambitions and motivations to do anything else at all…


And at the same time, you have civic politicians making very odd decisions.

Prince Rupert is truly an epic fail city.

Enjoy your “$27.95 large pizza”. LOL  :evil:

lmao :imp:

some of us live here because we actually LIKE IT!  And some of us have had good career opportunities (because we have an education) and some of us hope we are making a difference in your childrens’ lives when you choose to send them to school.  And some of us don’t complain all the time about the weather, the idle young people, etc, etc, etc.  Some of us are happy people who get a kick out of reading all the whining and bellyaching that goes on with this forum.


I just wonder why we are put on the defensive when we “complain” about some of the issues in this town.  I don’t know of any “perfect” place on this planet that would be without any form of criticism. I am here because of my job and my fella, without those two, I would be on my way back home to Ontario. Do I like it here?  On beautiful sunny days, there are not many places more beautiful than here but I think when you are raised here, I am a transplant, I have noticed  some people seem to settle. I have spoken to people who have the mindset that “I am in Rupert, so what am I supposed to do, there is nothing to do, so that’s it”. Others have the funds to leave for vacations whenever they feel so inclined and get a breather from here for a spell. I did not choose Rupert, I was brought here with my ex and I like to think for the last 10 years, I have made the best of it.  Are we planning to leave? Yes, we are. It is the small things that I miss about my home province, little things like outdoor markets, fall fairs,etc., all those seemingly mundane events that we take for granted, that I miss and at my age  :confused: hope to enjoy again soon. Do I still have to be made out an ogre because I want more from my life? I hope not.

Terrace Staples had 8Gb SDHC and Asus external DVDRWs on for super prices Boxing Day.
Not anymore. They’re ALL in my truck. Every single one. Buah hah hah.  :imp:
They did have some good laptop deals there though, Way better than I saw in Prince George last Sunday.

Ha-ha!  Awesome raid, herbie!  :sunglasses: