Shooting at 7-11?

Anyone know anything about a shooting at 7-11?

um nope i have the scanner on but i havent heard anything yet?

Well my sources say that there were employees running from the store and that now its all taped off.

Maybe it was just an earth shattering kaboom?

Gauging my MSN contacts apparently 7-11 had a bomb threat.  Buttttt, that information is inherently wrong. 

In other news I was at Boogeys tonight dropping it like it was hot.  :angry:

Drop it like it’s haaawwwttt

Drop it like it’s haaawwwtt

Actually, I only go to Bogey’s once a year for the softball yearender.

Not that I want to hijack this thread (although now that I’ve disclaimed myself, I will do just that), but I once accidentally took a cab from the Commercial to Bogey’s. An entire city block.

My understanding is that some guy went in there with one of those hand held portable propane bottles and threatened to send everyone to 7-11 heaven.  Since the place is still there I gather he didn’t succeed. 

place was robbed some crack head needing a fix, used little propane tank to try and gain entry in to the cash registors.
Place is still closed today…erg couse im a slurpee addict and I need my coke fix i had to go to rainbow market and wait 15 min for the slurpee to be cold enough…feel my brain freeze!!!

So now what is there real story or is there just Prince Rumors to be told. I heard there was someone with a knife another story someone with a gun and now someone with a propane tank of some form. There will be more storys to tell if we do not get the heavy drug dealers taken care of and I know they are fucking up alot of good people with their shit. That is not a rumor it’s reality.

Just the facts, ma’am.

For what it’s worth my mom was talking with the mother of one of the store employee’s and was told the propane tank version of the story. If they arrested someone I’ll know more on Monday but I assume by then it will be all over the news as well.


I just came from 7-11 and here is the story…An individual walked in from the street, walked up to the mail counter and grabbed the propane tank one of the small ones, then he went behind the counter threatening to kill everyone and himself, he then smashed the LCD for the gas pumps, which in turn locked everything down, Its a fail safe mechanism so now the cash registers are locked and cant be opened, the young lady working hit the panic button and the police arrived shortly after.
The young lady who was working took charge of the situation and was able to get everyone out of the store and the perpetrator stayed in the store until the police arrived…

look out for the man armed with a small propane tank.

all it takes is one methed out crackhead with a small propane tank to hit you in the side of the face too knock you in to next week. :confused:

So what is it going to be here, A Crack Head or a Meth freak? It may have been some Space Cadet who was just released from Vancouver way into our community, we do have a few of them roaming our streets. Who ever it was, we know he or she was some chicken shit who goes and picks on a small store where the workers are making shit money. We are in for some Big storys if that Meth hits us hard and I believe that we should work on keeping it out as much as possible.Never hear of those Potheads doing crap like that.

They just shoplift from the snack aisle.

Very, very slowly.  And they giggle a lot. 


I did not really notice if they are slow but I believe they are harmless.