Shitty west strikes again!

When will they start taking the blame for this god awful service? it’s not us it is someone else…

Seems fine here

Still slower than 51% of Canada = GRADE: C

[quote=“AndrewMorgan444”]Seems fine here[/quote]

Grade D is “fine here”, must have been great around report card time at your house!

No expectations of anything below average

It’s the best we’re going to get in Rupert, lolumad?


[quote=“Cst. Ferman”][/quote]

Hey madduck… wanna buy some speed?

inserting appropriate icon here

even looked into sat internet…choices choices…

Telus DSL in Terrace. I have no idea WTF you’re bitching about,
You can get faster if you want to pay a LOT more.

Telus has 15Meg in Terrace. $50/month.

typical speed its actually a bit faster than usual.

As per normal, got to the kid’s and her damned router was bagged. Picked her up a new one and they tossed in a Telus brochure stating 25Mb service was available here too.
Then it was 2 hours unclogging her PC… another finding codecs for DVDs with the grandkids toys… some holiday.

Spent most of the day saying NO. Grade 5s do NOT need laptops.



Here’s my speedtest result.

i have bad lines…



Here’s my speedtest result.[/quote]

It should be around 45 ish, but i have my UTM set to deep packet inspection…

Mine is good compared to a couple of days ago…barely 14.4 speeds!!