Shhh, don't look now Canuck fans

Ooops, 12 goals against in two games, two lonely ones on the Canucks side of the scoreboard, not the best way to secure your destiny in this years NHL playoffs.

So Canuck fans, still believers? Or getting a little bit nervous?


8 more wins…

I’ve believed since I started watching them in the 80’s, no reason to stop now. Go Canucks Go!!


just to be obnoxious

Lou had his collapse, but it’s never for more than 2 games. He’ll be back in form.
Hope the rest of team does too.
Let’s Git R Done!

I believe they will bounce back even stronger…we all have to have faith. WE ARE ALL CANUCKS !!!

Blow out by the hawks everyone said they were done…comeback kids…no help from the refs…seems no help from the wagon jumpers…I believe always have and always will. A true canuck.


Ok Canucks! One more! Hoist the Cup in Boston!

YES…Let"s hoist the cup in Boston !!!

Nothing wrong with adding suspense to the final series - after all it’s 3-2 now… I’m praying they win the next game and take the cup but I’m also prepared for them to go to Game 7… Wouldn’t game 7 be hosted in Vancouver? Wouldn’t that be best?

Yeah. If it goes to game 7 it will be in Vancouver. I hope they can put them away on Monday.

Try to do it in Boston.
Us old fart fans can’t take another 7th game double OT series.

I have never understood why it matters where the cup or any championship is won. A home win for the players may be nice because they are bathed in the adulation of the home crowd and for those 20,000 or so fans it is certainly wonderful. But for any other supporter whether watching from an outdoor plaza, in the Rogers Arena with the big screen, or in the basement of a Rupert house it should make no difference at all.

Except for the economic bottom line. One more game in Vancouver means another excellent payday.

And on a similar note.

Mike Milbury referred to the Sedins as Thelma and Louise. This by the way from the former Islander GM who traded Luongo and Ollie Jokinen (a future superstar and a future star) for Mark Parish and Oleg Kvasha (future ??)

Now if you google search Mike Milbury, you get this.

Mike Milbury - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Michael Thelma and Louise Milbury (born June 17, 1952) is an American sportscaster currently working as an ice hockey analyst for the New England Sports …
Biography - Career statistics - Coaching record - References - Cached - Similar

Not sure how it was done, but it isn’t in the Wikipedia article, just the search. … =433816831

It was edited and fixed.