Severe Shortage of Eligible Men in Rupert-

I am not only writing this post on behalf of myself but of dozens(+) of women who live here and are wondering the same thing. Where are the men?!

I am worried. "Where have all the good men gone? "

Our age is from 20 to 35- average. We are young, adventurous, responsible, professional, and much more. Seeking love, stability, more adventure, and commitment. We are in the prime of our lives and many of us are looking for a person to share, grow, and start a life with. Pretty humanistic right?

*By professional- I don’t mean a suit and tie is a must- but a job/ source of income, etc. Plaid shirts are great too!

Many women I know are at a point in their lives where they are wanting to settle down with a partner. They do everything that one is supposed to when looking for a mate: go to concerts, the movies, skiing, hiking, running, kayaking, Cows, breakers, house parties, the list could go on.

Instead they find empty movie theaters, abandoned hiking trails, concerts at the Lester Center filled with young families and seniors, Cows full of gossiping women, and house parties with gay men, or men with drug or alcohol problems. Pot and coke have been the most common addictions I’ve found here. ( Not that I use them). And not that we’re against homosexual men (at all) or that we’d hate you if you do pot or coke occasionally- it’s just not a part of our lifestyles- nor do we want it to be and we don’t want to have to settle for it. I could add video games in there as well-

Men who are emotionally and financially stable and motivated- I really don’t think this is too much to ask. I’m sure there are wonderful men in Rupert who have just snuck under the radar. But when you are in the prime of your life- moving out of it slowly- with NO prospects of a reliable man to one day possibly start a family with- it’s a scary thing.

Things have changed in Prince Rupert. It is no longer the town we women once romanticized. The loggers, fishermen, and hippy/ “back to the landers”, have moved on- generations ago. I had hoped that once Rupert began booming again- the men would return- the sexy, responsible, industrial men of days old- coming back to work at the port or Ridley Island perhaps.

But I have not experienced such a wave. Instead a wave of professional women, wondering the same things as myself. They try to find someone on vacations, seeking as many opportunities to travel and find “the one” out of town. But that has not been enough for them. Perhaps luck wasn’t on their side during the time out of town- but it is no better in town. They are starting to want to move away- so personally- I am not only missing the man in my life but my friends as well- who have moved/ are moving away in search of their own!

Is this a problem in the entire north- or just Prince Rupert? I remember reading an article in Northwords magazine years ago about this very topic- I believe the author was from Smithers.

Perhaps we need to redefine Prince Rupert’s image of a rough, manly fishing village- to one where men may go to find adventure among the women.

For me, when women are leaving town because a lack of men- that is a sign of bad times. How much longer will it last? When will all the good men return- or come out of hiding?!

Thanks for reading- any suggestions- let us know!

hear, hear

On the plus side, The fishermen and loggers are very appreciative of you and your friends looking for love when they come to town.

Why are you bashing her comment? she has a pretty valid point.

Kind of curious where all these available gay men are? At least straight women have some chance.
Try being gay and finding a man here LOL I wish the starter of this thread the best in her endeavours.

Maybe if you don’t make it your focus and just go about your life it will happen. Most things happen when you least expect it, and when they are meant to.

LOL it’s far from the focus … if it was the focus I would be in a lot of trouble … lol

Shoelaces – I was just about getting to the point where I was going to ask the opposite question of “where are all the eligible women in Rupert?”

Is it time to organize singles events? I’m thinking it may be a possible solution as I have found that Rupert has and always will be a “clique-y” town with small pockets of close friends who don’t venture outside of their social spheres.

For myself it goes doubly as not only am I single but have come back after 10+ years to find that all of my local friends have moved away to either Vancouver or abroad. Having a decent job only goes so far when you don’t have a social network to enjoy your time off.

  • Now an admission: I realize I do sound whiny and I do take some responsibility for my conundrum as I haven’t made a huge effort yet to go out and try to socialize in the traditional channels.

Feel free to send me a PM or post a reply on here with some more thoughts as I would be glad to help work on this problem of “Sleepless in S̶e̶a̶t̶t̶l̶e̶ Prince Rupert”

Allow me: You’re looking for the end of the rainbow and you will never get there. But sometimes one appears and its pretty close. Its not exactly what you want but its close and available to you.

Sorry I’m married.

[quote=“jesus”]Allow me: You’re looking for the end of the rainbow and you will never get there. But sometimes one appears and its pretty close. Its not exactly what you want but its close and available to you.

Sorry I’m married.[/quote]

My sentiments Exactly.

Mr and Mrs Good Enough…I can’t imagine any problems with that relationship : - (

The reality is that with all this technology, smart phones, ie. distractions especially to women, and the fact that women do everything now that only men used to, men simply get the picture that women don’t need them anymore, or are used to being treated this way and have turtled back into their shells.

Turn off the TV, throw away all the phones and computers, and see what might be like the way romance used to be !

Most of all let Men be Men and Ladies be Ladies !

Kind of crazy that this is my first post but another single man who is a friend of mine pointed out this post and it got him quite worked up and frustrated. I am a single professional male who has not had a real date in this town in 2 years. I can relate to the original posting if you were to substitute the word woman for the word man. I’m not into complicating my life with the troubled single women I have met in town here. I’m involved in many aspects of life here in Rupert and I’ve met lots of great married or attached women… not single. I was divorced in my 30’s and not only am I uncomfortable with the whole singles scene …I don’t feel comfortable hitting the bars at age 42 when all the ladies are half my age. Available to walk Butze any time… would rather not do it alone. At this point in my life I’m not in a big rush to get immediately into a relationship… I’d rather take my time and get into a lifelong relationship.

Nobody is perfect you either settle and accept someone who’s deficiencies are something you can live with or you die alone. Oh and you work together to resolve problems instead of fighting over who’s right and then breaking up because it wasn’t you.

Dear shoelace, Start a speed dating club, go to the camps and social spots in Kitimat or take the example of fishermen; go find the fish. If first nations don’t stop the future NGL pipelines and associated facilities you will have many to pic from in two years and, the salaries to match your exptations! Patience.

In my small circle of friends/acquaintances I know of 5 single men in the age group in question with professional/semi-professional jobs, most with their own house and none with kids or divorces. I only know of 1 woman with the same credentials. Granted it is a small sample size but I don’t feel too much sympathy for the first poster. Traditionally the small resource-based towns had an extremely high male/female ratio and despite the decline of those industries I expect the ratio still remains to the benefit of single females in Prince Rupert.

I was going to go post a huge thing but sadly I don’t have enough time, perhaps later in the afternoon ill beable to.

As for now, I am a 26 year old male. Soon to be 27 that hasnt been able to meet an eligible woman even while doing things to get me out, like hiking butze or going to parties. I personally find it hard to meet people in prince rupert, is it just in rupert I don’t know! Like I said maybe ill explain it later… With that said!

I love meeting new people, male or female. I welcome people to PM me. See what happens, set up a date, go for coffee whatever! Lets stop siting on the computer and go out and do something.

you might not be in her expense bracket. maybe im being judgmental but it appears the mans career was her most important qualification.