Seriously Nathan

he doesn’t know if he will support the tax breaks to the LNG industry yet? Come on Nathan you don’t like jobs in your riding anymore? what is there to think about?

I don’t ever remember seeing someone as highly supported but who also attempts to stifle economic development for the region. The NDP is no longer a working class party, they’re the Green Party.

I love how ‘right-wing’ it is to subsidize business.

Even better how ‘right-wing’ it is to use Canadian tax dollars to subsidize the Malaysian government.

Very “free market” indeed.

Even better is the idea that if you don’t support giving Canadian tax dollars to subsidize foreign governments is somehow an environmentalist stand.

These companies stand to make BILLIONS, with a B, by taking gas that belongs to Canadians, and shipping it overseas. Which is great for Prince Rupert, and for Canada. But the facts remain: the companies don’t own the gas. It belongs to Canadians. They’re going to make a huge profit. It’s literally free money.

$50 million isn’t going to change things.

If it were, the Malaysian government themselves would be putting up the money. Like the other 10s of billions it’s putting up.

lets see the NDP supported giving BILLIONS to GM and Chrysler when they went bankrupt and the Canadian Taxpayers will not, i repeat will not recoup about 2 to 3 billion dollars of it back, why did they support that? and Nathan has to think about this no brainer? hmmmmmm let me guess oh right it benefited ONTARIO and not his riding go figure, maybe Nathan should run in Ontario and let an NDP that will represent their riding instead of Ontario’s to run here.

Build it and they will come. Give them tax breaks, give them anything they want. Once it
is built then they pay. Don’t be greedy, let them set up shop. Let the town prosper in a big
way after they have built. We have been to greedy in the past and look where it has not
got us. I remember the 3 billion steel mill that went to Taiwan because of our greed. Not
again. Please not again.

Instead of giving Canadian tax dollars to foreign governments, how about using those tax dollars for a decent Coast Guard or Navy base in Prince Rupert?

I’m no Nathan Cullen supporter. I didn’t vote for him, in fact, I actively campaigned against him. I didn’t agree with his flip-flopping on the gun issue, and didn’t like that he was the only NDP MP that supported the big ISPs and their greedy internet metering. I don’t like him, and think he’s turned into the typical sleazy politician, and has put political advantage over any ideals. He’s the reason I left the NDP.

But I think he’s right when he says a few million dollars isn’t going to make or break this. How much is the Malaysian government going to spend? 20 billion?

Spend the money locally, on infrastructure and services instead. Beef up the Navy and Coast Guard presence, for example.

I don’t think the Malaysian government needs any corporate welfare at this point. And I think it’s hilarious that supposed “right wingers” are insisting it’s a good thing for government to subsidize foreign corporations with tax dollars. We’re already subsidizing them by giving them the right to take our gas, aren’t we?

how do you think we get money for those services? and since it is a new industry no matter how small the break it is a signal to the companies that governments will work with them to get the industry up and running. and all the government did was classify LNG as a manufacturer so that they have different depreciation and tax rates. but again the NDP loved the Billions spent on the car industry to save ONTARIO and the BILLIONS that will NOT be paid back so for Nathan to complain about 50 million a year? REALLY. this was a no brainer for him to support to make up for his Alaska Ferry Terminal BLunder, but I guess to get him to support industry and jobs in his riding we have to move it to Ontario

The Malaysian government should owe me one Teh Tarik for each time Jabber and Crazy T mentions “Ontario” on this forum.

Ok, I understand.

You “right wing” people are ok with Socialism, as long as it’s Harper being a Socialist? Socialism for all!

And you are against the free market, if it’s an NDP person suggesting that there should be a free market. Down with capitalism!

Got it.

Nathan knows that the Harper government really doesn’t care what the heck he says about LNG. He could be a supporter or not, and the Conservatives will do what they will do. Nathan knows this. Nathan also knows that there is a sizable portion of people in his riding who are not in favour of LNG development. And then there are others who simply feel that CAPITALISTS should not get any subsidies.

So, what does Nathan do? Well, the first job of a politician is to get re-relected. In an effort to pander to the folks who seem to like to re-elect him, he spouts off in the press about the subsidies.

Incidentally, Nathan was first elected in 2004. His pension will be 3 percent per year of service. With an election in October of 2015 he will get at least about 1/3 of his annual salary. It will be payable to him when he turns 55. If he is re-elected for another four years, he will get about 45% of his salary. Mind you this is not a subsidy so I guess it is okay.

nothing to do with capitalism or not it is about Nathan not supporting GOOD paying jobs in his riding lately, isn’t that what the NDP is all about? or are they the party of NO, No to classifying LNG as a Manufacturer to get those tax rates, No to Alaska Ferry Terminal rebuild with american steel. When it came to subsidizing GM and Chrysler they are all for it, but not a brand new industry.

oh wait now i get it the NDP want to become the 3rd party federally again for they have not learned the lessons of our BC Elections where they were the party of NO to development, well congrats they are well on their way to that status and it will either be liberal or tories in power,

Fuck you really don’t get politics on any level, do you? Start your own party with a platform of kowtowing to foreign interests at every level out of sheer desperation to get a job. That’s what they want you to do, sell them the farm for a nickel and hope you’ll be their tenant farmer.

I think Nathan is doing what the NDP did during the last election. They nixed (or should I say Dixed) quite a bit of major development in a pander to the environmentalist and those who use prospective development as a means of extracting money from the Federal and Provincial Governments.

The NDP strategists did not realize that the rank and file, in quite a few of the unions that traditionally support them, need major industrial development in order to keep working. This strategic error, along with Dix’s falsification of documents was enough to sink them.

Incidentally, I still don’t understand why Dix is continuing to be allowed to be a registered NDPer. I can only assume that the party values loyalty over integrity. I doubt Tommy Douglas would have kept him around.

hate to say this Herbie but I probably know more about politics then you think, and if insults are your way of proving your point then your point is useless, bring up facts and back them up. I have brought up facts to show how much of a hypocrite Nathan is, fact one his party supported the billions of dollars to bail out GM and Chrysler without batting an eye, Fact 2 those 2 companies will not pay back about 2 to 3 billion dollars, can we say MAJOR subsidy to the UAW union in Ontario, on the LNG development the Federal Government classified them as Manufacturers which means the percentage of taxes the pay and the rate of depreciation is the same as other manufacturers, this is not a subsidy it is a classification for an industry that is not present in our province but right off the bat our beloved MP says he has to think about it? says it is a subsidy of 50 million dollars or more a year. hate to say it it is not a subsidy. so Herbie prove those facts wrong please so your rants have meaning

You can buy the domain, hosting and an email for a buck a month from GoDaddy and spare HTMF your personal animosity towards Cullen.
Is your hostility only for Ontario? Or were you carrying on like this a few years back when they bailed out Skeena for a few years and only people in Terrace benefited?
You’ve managed to pick two of the silliest issues to throw a shit-fit over and claim political knowledge while arguing a federal politician should go against federal policy for your benefit and against party policy for your benefit. Kind of remind me of the guy who phoned in on the Jack Webster show years ago and said he’d never vote Socred again because they got rid of the law requiring plimsoll lines on beer glasses…
Then your off comparing loans and stock purchases to protect hundreds of thousand of existing jobs to giveaways for the possibility of a pipe dream.
Who the hell DO you support? There’s no politician at any level in any party that’s gonna come out and admit the economy along BC Hwy16 makes Newfoundland look like the Golden Mountain these days. They’re ALL gonna smile and say “its all good” while they get their photo taken as they grab that cheque from Economic Development or even Enbridge that funds three useless jobs for six months.

I’m sick of the negativity coming from our elected NDP members, federally and provincially, when there is so much to be positive about. I know that their role in opposition is to be critical but they don’t necessarily instill confidence in me that they are looking after our best interests.

like I said Herbie your rants are meaningless, bring facts to back up your claims. where have I said I hated Nathan? my disappointment is for Nathan not supporting his riding when projects are mentioned in his riding, don’t care if they may or may not go, at least support them. he screwed up with the Alaska Ferry Terminal upgrade, just ask the union contractors that would have had the jobs for that work, and then he says he has to think if the $50million subsidy, which is not a subsidy at all it is a classification of what the LNG terminals will be so they follow the tax base of a manufacturing plant, is worth it, maybe your hostility to me is because I’m calling you on your rants and got your panties in a knot, who knows, or maybe your drinking the Koolaid too much

and excuse me if I care more about jobs in his riding then he does

I’m not being hostile to YOU. Its your argument.
You don’t argue a subject by repeating your original claim over and over and over again until the other party gets bored and leaves the room.
You think Nathan should support handouts to multinational corporations to support you? He’s NDP, Hell will freeze first. And you’re still on about the ferry thing even though all the party’s positions are the same.

Fools and their politicians.

what hand out? calling LNG production a Manufacturing plant is not a handout it is defining it in the tax code, no money is being handed out to any LNG company that wants to build here in BC, and if you think the NDP would not support a hand out unless hell freezes over? what the hell do you think happened with GM and Chrysler? that was the biggest hand out in canadian industry, and as I stated about 2 to 3 billion of it will not be paid back to the canadian taxpayers. the NDP , Liberals and Tories did not blink once to give all that money to them. but our elected MP, has to think about where the LNG industry is classified in the tax code so they can accelerate their depreciation? and he has the gall to call it a subsidy? he should have said thank you Prime Minister for you might have helped the projects go forward and create much needed jobs in our region.

oh and for your information I don’t think the government should give any company no matter how big any money to help them out if they are going bankrupt, whether that is the car industry or pulp mills, changing regulations is one thing since no money would go to them