Sears Complaint

anyone else find sears (prince rupert) to be a tad rude? even incompetent in there ability to know there own rules and regs. even the lady on the 1-800 # said this store has a higher than usual complaint count!!

I had a really bad shopping experience from sears at christmas time.  I emailed them a very angry letter.  My reply was : 
please accept our apologies that your experience did not meet our standards and we look forward to serving you better in future.
Anyway to sum it up.  I have a big problem with sears.  Its nice to see that I’m not the only one.

I guess I’m the odd person out here:-) 
I’ve always found the Sears staff to be friendly, courteous.  I recently purchased a new electric stove and have no complaints.  They answered all of my questions regarding the unit without pressuring me to buy.

I guess that I am with you then hitest as I have also found the staff to be courteous and very friendly even during Christmas when they were deluged with orders and impatient customers, taking the time to find an order that they feared may have been lost in transit, but it wasn’t!  I think sometimes we are very quick to assign blame on others when we need to step back and look at our own attitudes when dealing with staff etc. Everyone has an off day, give them a break and be a little patient…You may find it rewarding from now on …

yes i do see your point, but when you do not have the Courtesy to get off your lazy ass from the chair your sitting on and then to blatantly lie 3 times in a row and to not do as you are told from your company? i make my living from working with the public if i did this i would loss my job!!! but lets say a pig headed i’m better than everyone else type person that was to lazy to do there job right the first time is told to do it and then lies and says they did not say he had to so he does not have to look like the idiot he is. but thats fine because they have lost customers that have been shopping with them for over 20 years and who’s parents used to shop there and who’s kids would have shoped there, terrace has better prices then here and better item so terrace it is and “LEE CAN KISS OUR ASS” IF YOU HAVE HAD TROUBLES WITH THEM IN THE PAST I URGE YOU TO USE SOMEWERE ELSE IT’S TIME LEE GETS THE MESSAGE YOU CAN’T TREAT PEOPLE LIKE SHIT CUZ THAT’S YOUR PAY CHECK!  :angry:

I’ve only bought something from the Sears here in town once, and the guy (Les? Is that his name) was extremely helpful.

Agreed.  Les was very helpful.  Over the last 5-10 years I’ve bought a dishwasher, fridge, washer, dryer and a stove.  All of the appliances in my house were original equipment and needed to be replaced.

I’ve had nothing but positive experiences at the local Sears outlet.  The staff have always been helpful to me.  I’ve bought all my appliances and stuff there.

Is there a particular complaint you have?  Other than just bad-mouthing them, what exactly did they do wrong?  Often, if you complain properly (ie: point out what they did wrong), most businesses will fix the problem.  But just insulting people for no reason isn’t usually a good way to get satisfaction for a problem.

Well if the way punisher posts is any indication of how he “complains” when the service is bad, I think we can see where the problem lies. And I also have my doubts that a rep on a Sears 1-800 number is going to tell someone that one of their stores is getting a high number of complaints. If that did happen I would say the person on the phone is the one not being professional.

I’ve always had good experiences at our Sears store.

I have not bought from Sears in some time…but like the last few above posts, I have never had a problem with them… They greet me ask if I need help, I reply “no, Im good just looking” and then Im left alone to look and decide if I want to purchase from them…
Thats Service I like…

I have shopped at the Sears store here many times. This past year I have bought all of my baby items  there. I have gotten better service at Sears than some of the other stores in Rupert. No matter how busy they were they always carried my items to my car or if I could manage myself they went out of  their way to open the door for me. The staff there have been very friendly and courteous.

Exactly.  If I need help, I’ll ask.  Otherwise, let me look.  The staff has always been helpful with advice and product description when I went to Sears.
Maybe the opening post comes from someone working in a competing store  :confused:

well here goes the long winded play by play since some of you want to know how i come to the conclusion sears should be run by someone with a brain about business.

all dates confirmed from sears canada.

my wife Purchased a pair of size 16 boys snowsuit and a size 5 kids snowsuit from the wonderful people on sear phone order line(they really are great very helpful) on nov-12-2006
and we reiceved them on nov-18-2006, now as anyone living in prince rupert knows this is not the swiss alps we only have so much snow here!! the suits were used !!!4 times!!! kids are kids but they were not abusing the suits and one ripped under the right arm and the other riped in the crotch. now we went down to exchange the item for the same items which were reordered already from the great phone service girls, now my wife go’s in in a good mood and comes out crying!!! now for me its kill first ask later when you make my wife upset but being as the time was things upset her more easy so i ask what happend? they(lee and his dad les) will not let me exchange the items without the reicpt, this was the first lie(anyone who has shoped there knows like say people that have shoped there for over 20 years that you do not need a reicpt), they also knew my wife and her family enough that they told her that she had another pick up ontop of her snowsuits!!! (lee has a couch in his store that he sits on,he did not even have the courtesy to get his ass of the thing to serve my wife)so i go in now, i was very polite to lee when i get in there(i did not see his dad) and ask why will you not excange the items? he tells me the same thing he told my wife so i call his bluff and ask why its never been needed befor? it’s always been the policy that you need a recipt and (i can not remember the ladys name he used-its the lady that has been there even befor they got the place)she will not(he was very to the point that it was all her doing the bad stuff-yet another tactic of a poor manager blame placement)ever do it again and that there was nothing he could do as this was from his head office(lie #2 they don’t get rules from a head office its his store or should i say his brother grants store if i here right and they just get the rights to sell sears product) now i though he was full of shit at this point but i though hey i could be wrong (quote from other user) (Well if the way punisher posts is any indication of how he “complains” when the service is bad, I think we can see where the problem lies… i think i gave him the benifit of the dout but fuck it) so i asked lee (now here comes lie #3)what his head office number was and he told me they don’t have one??? realy strange but ok so i ask if they have a corprate complaints number can you guess the answer but he does tell me i can call the 1-800 number and they will take the complaint. so off i go and i call the 1-800 # and they tell me that they don’t recive complaints about independent stores and lee would have known this!! thanks YOU FUCKING CHICKEN SHIT i like being lied to, so i look in to the sears web site for a # but just the 1-800# is there so i started looking around the site and found that i was right about the exchange policy !!! hey wait it was kids stuff we purchased on the phone!!!

Our KidVantage® Wearout Warranty is simple:

    * it covers all children’s apparel and footwear as long as the child for whom you bought the item continues to wear the size
    * if the item wears out, Sears will, at its option, either repair or replace it with the identical item in the same size, or if it’s unavailable, a similar item of equal value in the same size
    * it covers children’s sizes from infants’ up to 18 in apparel, and up to senior kids’ size 6 in footwear, with proof of purchase
    * all replacements or repairs can be handled through your nearest Sears Catalogue location

The KidVantage® Wearout Warranty does not apply to:

    * hosiery and underwear
    * any item sold at any Sears Outlet store or online at Sears Outlet web site

Sears will not be undersold on any Children’s Fashions, Footwear or Nursery items. We will match any competitor’s price on an identical item. Excludes all items in our Outlet stores or online at Sears Outlet site.

and wait theres more there is a 1 year Warranty on sears product to!!!

so now it looks like he is even more full of shit!!!

and to answer the question-And I also have my doubts that a rep on a Sears 1-800 number is going to tell someone that one of their stores is getting a high number of complaints.

the lady told me that i should talk to the manager of the store and i explained that it was the manager that had been so helpful, she already knew the location and said ya i think its one of the stores we get complaints about(so i say do you mean the prince rupert location and she says ya i’m pretty sure thats the one) and she said we could always just shop at a different store and to tell all your family and friends not to shop there and he just mite start getting the point that being rude and lieing doe’s not get more customers.

now my wifes mother calls the 1-800 # to talk to one of the managers and he is very upset with the fact that this has gone on and tells her to go in and get the exchange that there will be no problem what so ever!! so they go back in and he says(lee that is) that he can not do the exchange as he told us befor, so she tells him to call sear 1-800# and ask for the manager that she spoke to befor. so he calls and talks to one of the customer service people and she says no one has said this at all!!!(now did i mention lee was very nervous when asked to call becuse a manager of sears canada said to call if they have a problem) so now very upset about this my wifes mother gets the name of this lady on the phone and goes home and calls back and talks to the manager again(now he’s realy pissed off becuase no one even talked to him when they went back in to talk to lee(and by the way they made up a name-was anyone even on the phone?) and goes to find the girl when he gets back on the line he says they have no one by that name working for now he is putting a mark against the location and they will have to be inspected.

by the way every time they went in it was repacked in the original packaging with all the numbers he would have needed!!! or he could have called the 1-800# and got all the info he needed in under 3 min like i did.

so if you still think everything with this location is a-ok you just go right on being oblivious to the things that go on around you, its of no concern to me its your life live it! but for the rest of us the can’t stand injustice at the expense of others just remember-I have work to do. Read your newspaper everyday and you’ll understand.

and to answer the last post-Maybe the opening post comes from someone working in a competing store, no i don’t the places i work are not the same

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

See, now that’s a detailed complaint.

Did you get a refund?  What’s happened since then?

no my wife and her mother decided never to shop there again so they had there sears cards Cancelled i wanted to get the exchange just to have him do it but they don’t want to so what can you do? i started this in hopes of other people coming forward, many people think its only them that it happens to and if there is enough bad publicity for him maybe it won’t have to happen again to someone else!

Well, Punisher… I have read your few posts regarding Sears and all I can say is…ANGER MANAGEMENT…OOOOH, Sorry, did not mean to yell…I, myself, am not bogged down with that issue!        I am in agreement with most of the replies to this post…I have lived in Rupert for almost 9 years and have dealt with Sears for that time and never had a problem with either our store or the 1-800# catalogue sales. I don’t know everyone at our store but I did know Shirl and I know Trudy, Lee and Les, Grant and they have all been helpful and friendly. As I read your posts I had to wonder just what your attitude was when you approached these people in the store for it is one thing to fight for what you feel is an injustice to you but yet another just for the sake of making a BIG NOISE!!    I have to say, you scared the shit out of me and you say you work with the public?  Where, so I can avoid running into you?

hey like i said at the end-
so if you still think everything with this location is a-ok you just go right on being oblivious to the things that go on around you, its of no concern to me its your life live it! but for the rest of us that can’t stand injustice at the expense of others just remember-I have work to do. Read your newspaper everyday and you’ll understand.

and just for the record when its someone that pisses me off just by being a jerk and say the same thing were to happen to a baby your money would be well bet on the baby getting mad first! just to say i’m pertty easy going contrary to your perspective,as for anger managment as i say not a prob if you knew me you would understand, but thank you for your reply every side counts as the sum of the hole  :smile:

Well said there Cobybear 5 , I like you say and no I have not read the rest of his posts but you call it straight . I bet you are of the kind that enjoys these people’s help so much that it would not bother you to return stuff jusyt knowing that you will see them again. The person who is of a bother in this store is Lee and yes he can be an ass at times . But anyway keep it up and punish him.

I agree with codybear5 and most of the posts here. My dad shops at Sears and bought 2 refrigerators over the 10 year period without any hassle and complaints.

That’s the second time you mention the newspaper.  Now i’m thinking that you work for them. :smile: 
Can you enligthen me on what’s in the newspaper because I don’ t live in Rupert anymore and I’m curious.  Are these letters to the editor?
Your complaint seems legit but if we form an opinion based on this thread, what happened to you isn’ t what happens regularly at Sears- Prince Rupert.  So when you make comments like “…go right on being oblivious…” you forget that others might not know who you are and might not have heard your story.