Seals on the Skeena

There are hundereds and hundereds of seals floating down the ice on the Skeena. It’s pretty amazing one shot I took had 28 seals on a  piece of ice.
Here’s a sample.

I’ll be out there with my baseball bat in just a few minutes!

Excellent.  I need a new hat.  :smiley:

What beautiful shots !!  As a former (way back in the day!)  member of Greenpeace (just for a very short time ) and having the priviledge of joining an excursion to Labrador to actually hold the babies, I am still enthralled when I see one moseying along in the harbour here. They are absolutely gorgeous…I wonder how many people will take potshots at me now for declaring my former short lived membership with the above mentioned group… :confused:

I have to say that that is one of the best photos I’ve ever seen on HTMF.

That is cool-I’ve played tag a few times with seals while kayaking down here but that’s the first time I’ve ever seen more than a couple of seals in one place at the same time. Nice !!

Sure you say, until they get hungry and you start to look like a salmon, then whatcha gonna do… :astonished:

Bad boys, bad boy,
Wutchuguna do,
Bad boys!

It was pretty neat. My wife and I spent a couple hours just watching them float by. Listening to the noises and watching them play. It was very nice afternoon.

The one day you forgot your club.



Help Out The Seals  :wink:

Very nice photos folks, should send them off to Cdn Geographic and Nat Geographic…,.

Astro, sneaking in a photo of a wolf… I’m beginning to think you’re actually a very clever wolf who has assumed our ways… the conquest is set to commence eh…

Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf! :smiley:

Astro, those shots would be awesome if you didn’t have your name on them so prominently!

I agree with Maxpower there Dave, It should be much more like the one one I use.

ya its all good I use them that big as I don’t like when people use my photos with out my permission. if I were to sell them there would be no water mark… so Its all good.

I’m not up much on the tech stuff, Astro, but isn’t there a way, like a locking program, that can prevent people from using your photos without permission?

I was just implying that I’d like to have my name on your photos. lol

Ooooh - Dave, is this the same wolf in your photo above? :

Taken Feb/07 on the road to Ridley…

WOW!  Nice shot of the Laxgibuu.  :wink: