Seafest eh.

Going down there now.

There’s not a whole hell of a lot that I miss about Rupert… but one thing that I hate missing every year is Seafest.

MiG, if you get a chance, take some pics of the burnout contest :wink: It’s at 5:00PM at the gas station in the Indust. I was thinking about driving down my half a car (with no fenders, hood, nose, trunk etc) and lighting them up for shits and giggles. If someone has a battery charger, I will.

Ryan Leech = Awesome

yea im kind of pissed i missed that. hopefully someone has it on video?

He had a DVD for sale. I bought it. Good cause. Supporting an athlete like him and also, part of the sale ($10 out of $25) went to the Rainbow Warriors Dragon Boat Team.
Now I have to study and maybe practice! 8)

is it called manifesto?

I got 2 huge nasty ass bruises (one on each leg) from the same play!

I thought my legs were fat before… but swollen… geesh.

I think my feet are swollen. …stupid work(…BATA RULES!..I love my job…don’t fire me KAO)…I need to get some of those gel inserts.
…“Oh I’m gellin’. Want some mellon?” :smiley:

Who is all going to the beer gardens? We could have a HTMF thing there lol.

meh ryan leech had a nice ass hehe thats wut i thought

i didnt get to enjoy today …

Congrats on the job Lemrac, so you’re saving up for university, right?

KAO: Did you guys play WestPoint yet?

I kind of want to go to the beer garden, but my old lady is underage.

I also wouldn’t mind going to the Commie, as that’s where I think most of the softballish action will be going down.

Great oxymoron!

Any burnout pics to be heard of? I was in closed spaces surrounded my exhaust, aerosol fumes, paint dust and acetone, working on my car. So I got my share of car, and odors… In my own little world, I was there, but still didnt’ see any burnouts. It wasn’t a total loss.

I didn’t get any. I stopped taking pictures after the first shishkabob. Then it was the traditional walking up and down the street and meeting everybody Seafest.

Oh dear! Is that my pal, Rudy Kelly?

Rudy Kelly in his old lady taking out the garbage getup was my mom’s highlight of the parade. Especially when Lyle measured how far away it was from the curb.

Orangetang: you should have seen the burnouts this big orange van was doing during the parade. He’s getting fined by the cops for every one he did, which should be lots… I saw at least 5 from the mall to the Daily News.

Eso: yes, we played them. We played like crap and deserved our first loss in a looooong time. It was a good game though, fairly defensive, and it ended at 9-7, despite them getting 5 runs their first inning. Now we have 3 games tomorrow until we meet them again.

Lemrac: gel insoles are your friend. Especially at 25% off!


I’d like to give a big congratz to KAO and the rest of the Coast Mariners for battling back in the championship game against Westpoint to win the Seafest Tournament and a cool $1000 prize.

WestPoint came out to an early lead, and held it until the 6th inning when the Coast started battling back. Then the Coast took the lead in the top of the 7th, 14-12, on a three run shot by Real. WestPoint hit a couple of consecutive small-ball singles in their last at-bats, and cut the lead back down to 1, but then WestPoint grounded into an exciting photo-finish double play to end the game.

I think the Rebels won overall in terms of fun and beer profits. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go change into something a little more sober.