Rosie's Family Cruise - only two more sleeps!

I for one am excited that a higher profile cruise is coming into town.  Breaks up the monotony.  I’m hoping to see a D-list celebrity wandering around downtown.  Plus we will get to see how gay friendly Rupert actually is.  Think about it - we had our very own drag queen waving the rainbow flag in the Seafest parade.  My question is:  Is Prince Rupert really gay and lesbian friendly?  Or is there discrimation and bashings that we don’t hear about?  Your thoughts please.  And, will you be going downtown on Thursday evening?

I don’t know what cruise you are referring to except the one that always docks here on Thursday and as far as a gay and lesbian friendly town, they deserve respect like everyone, don’t they but yes, there is a large gay and lesbian community here but I have never heard of any bashing. I would hope that there isn’t but that might be naive on my part.  Can you fill us in on more of the facts regarding this cruise?

I had just found out, that yes, their is a “gay/Lesbian” cruise ship coming to Rupert, And for one, I think that this will be a “different” and fun experience for many. I think anyone in Rupert should be privileged to have something like this come into town as you do not see many of these come to town.
But Each to their own :smiley:

It is the regular Thursday cruise … except that Rosie O’Donell is on board with some peeps taking their yearly Gay&Lesbian Cruise. Last year they went to Antigua or some other hot spot and were not treated very nicely.  They opted to try the North as a change. Not sure if there is any thing happening ie celebrity wise. Wil post more if I hear anything

I was under the impression that it was a smaller boat that Rosie owns, and some of her relatives are going to be on it, but probably not Rosie herself.  She’s not on the manifest anyway, unless she uses and alias.  It is possible that she may fly in though.

HI POP you may be right I just assumed she was on the bigger ship as it was a “G&L” cruise. Shows I should quit assuming haha!

This year she is on the Norwegian that stops on Thursday.  In all the other year cruises, she is onboard.  It is part of the package.  Everyone expects Rosie and her partner Kelly to be there.  I assume they will be this year but obviously I don’t have any fact.

They did the Alaska cruise two years ago and reports from participants were that it was very successful.  Their Canadian Port of Call was Victoria.

She sometimes uses a smaller ship but she doesn’t own but rather charters (or whatever the term might be).  She’s been doing this for quite a few years.

Btw, I’m not a Rosie fan but I do like some of what she does in terms of her being open and public about adoption and gay and lesbian issues. … =PR_031309

Miami  -    Mar 13, 2009  —   

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) is continuing its successful partnership with R Family Vacations, the premier family-friendly vacation specialists catering to the gay and lesbian community led by travel entrepreneurs Gregg Kaminsky and Kelli O’Donnell. This year, R Family Vacations is offering a summer adventure cruise to Alaska aboard the 2,240-passenger Norwegian Star from July 11-18, 2009, roundtrip from Seattle. This Alaska cruise is the seventh time in five years that NCL has hosted R Family Vacations and their guests on board one of its ships.

“NCL is all about offering guests freedom and flexibility on our ships,” said Andy Stuart, NCL’s executive vice president of global sales and passenger services. “With R Family Vacations’ charters, that freedom and flexibility is taken to the next level with their inclusive approach and top-quality entertainment. We are pleased to welcome R Family Vacations on board Norwegian Star and to show their guests the beauty of Alaska with NCL’s Freestyle Cruising.”

The seven-day Sawyer Glacier cruise departs Seattle on July 11, 2009 and sails to Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway, Alaska and Prince Rupert, British Columbia. The cruise is on sale now and can be booked by calling R Family Vacations at 866-732-6822. More information can be found at Cruises are priced from $849 per person, based on double occupancy.

NCL’s Freestyle Cruising provides guests flexibility and freedom with no set dining times, dining partners or dress codes. With Freestyle Cruising, R Family Vacations’ guests may create each day to satisfy their personal tastes and vacation goals.

“NCL is really the perfect cruise line for our style of cruising. Our guests love the casual dress and the freedom to dine wherever and whenever they choose. R Family Vacations is all about freedom. Our cruises are the most inclusive cruises out there and I can assure you that everyone feels welcome on our vacations. We are thrilled to continue our long-term partnership with NCL and look forward to offering more destinations aboard this innovative fleet,” said Gregg Kaminsky, R Family Vacations co-founder.

Guests will appreciate Norwegian Star’s deluxe range of choices in staterooms, many with ocean views and balconies, in addition to an array of plush and artfully appointed suites and villas. The ship features 12 restaurants, nine bars and lounges, a dynamic casino, a spa and fitness center. Among the many on-board activities are two glimmering pools, a basketball court, golf driving net and jogging/walking track.

R Family Vacations is known for their top-tier entertainment and programming. This year, the entertainment line-up includes:

Caroline Rhea, stand-up comedian and actress;
R Family’s Belters Show featuring Broadway cast members from Wicked, Les Miserables, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Chicago, and Xanadu;
Emmy-award winner Judy Gold’s "Mommy Queerest;"
Comedians Jessica Kirson (Last Comic Standing) and Seth Rudetsky (Sirius Radio and author);
Ross Mathews (The Tonight Show, Celebrity Fit Club, and The Insider);
NYC Piano Bar with Brian Nash;
“Original Circuit DJ” (and gay father) David Knapp;
A performance from members of GALA choruses from all over the U.S., including the Seattle Gay Men’s Chorus famous “Captain Smarty Pants.”

The Family Equality Council led by Executive Director Jennifer Chrisler is organizing educational workshops and discussions including seminars on gay adoption, surrogacy, gay marriage and a teen panel. R Family also offers fun-filled themed deck parties, fitness lectures and classes and Rosie’s Broadway Kids, which gives guests the opportunity to learn a Broadway routine and perform it in the ship’s theater.

“As a GLBT parent, our cruises are a perfect way for my kids to spend time with families just like their own. Also, my straight friends and family also sail with us and find that it’s a vacation that they know everyone feels welcome and they can enjoy entertainment only offered on our cruise. Of course, kids are not required and our biggest growth has been our GLBT guests who like the mixed atmosphere and not so focused on all-night parties,” said Kelli O’Donnell, R Family Vacations co-founder.

About R Family Vacations

R Family Vacations is the premier GLBT family brand and the first gay cruise company that caters to both the gay and lesbian community. In 2006, R Family was profiled in HBO’s documentary titled, “All Aboard! Rosie’s Family Cruise,” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and garnered two Emmy nominations and a GLAAD award. Everyone is welcome on R Family Vacations: Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Older, Young (kids included). R Family Vacations was originally founded by Rosie and Kelli O’Donnell and travel entrepreneur Gregg Kaminsky. To reserve your stateroom, call 212-703-2486 or visit

About NCL

Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) is the innovator in cruise travel with a 43-year history of breaking the boundaries of traditional cruising, most notably with the introduction of Freestyle Cruising which has revolutionized the industry by allowing guests more freedom and flexibility.

Today, NCL has the youngest fleet in the industry with 11 purpose-built Freestyle Cruising ships, providing guests the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed cruise vacation on the newest, most contemporary ships at sea.

NCL is presently building Norwegian Epic, a new third generation Freestyle Cruising ship, for delivery in 2010.

For further information on NCL, visit or contact NCL in the U.S. and Canada at (866) 234-0292.

well we are the city of rainbows  :smiley:

So, basically, what you are saying is that the same Norwegian Star will be docking tomorrow as scheduled but does include the package offered for gay and lesbian families which is great and has been very successful apparently and fun for all involved so…I don’t see the point… :confused:

you dont see the point?  Well you just made the point!

Just remember when you meet any of them on the street please do not point because that is not polite so just nod and smile.I sure hope Rosie is not singing because she sure did not carry a note very well last time we heard her.

Could you refrain from treating us like we are dumb as shit? That is not polite.

To start she will not be on the boat, it has never in my life been my intention to make you or them many of my friends to feel that way. If this is what you read well I am sorry to hear this. Please relax and loosen up, try to smile a while.

So how do you know she won’t be on the boat?

Rosie’s blog eludes to the fact that her son, Parker is on the ship with Kelly but that sadly, she is not.
Sorry to burst your bubbles

Oh well…What to do with the day now ?   :unamused:  Let’s see, start yet another rumour as in the last two weeks we have been a busy place what with Johnny Depp here and all…LOL  Welcome to HTMF by the way  :smiley:

Have no problem with gays and lesbians but Rosie O’Donell is really annoying.

well i just finished tying up the ship and no rosie on board i asked :wink:

No C-list gay clebs?

wtf else does Richard Simmons have to do these days?