Robo Herb

Hey yo, I received a Robo call from Herb Pond this morning, outlining how in the next few days members of his campaign will be contacting me to ask my opinions on the issues and what I expect from an MLA in Victoria.

So give me some ideas as to what we all expect from our MLA in Victoria, I’ll talk their ear off when they give me the CALL… :smiley:

Hows does Herb Pond, Liberal Government MLA if elected plan to address the ongoing doctor shortage in Prince Rupert? 


By flying to china and selling pulp mills.

How do any of the candidates, for that matter?

god forbid Herb gets elected…  I just had a call from the liberals… 

So give me some ideas as to what we all expect from our MLA in Victoria, I’ll talk their ear off when they give me the CALL… :smiley:[/quote]

How about the truth on the BC Rail corruption scandal? 

And doing photo shoots & hosting Charity Fundraisers for our city :smile:

Both awesome vote getters!

As members of the opposition, how do the BC Liberals plan to conduct themselves in constituencies where they are unable to “open doors” from outside Cabinet. :smile:

Seriously, I think corruption (BC Rail and beyond), economic mismanagement (convention center, Olympic overruns that we will pay for), and elitism are important issues.  On the latter point, the notion that one has to have a representative from the winning side to get anything displays an appalling distortion of the concept of representative democracy.  I don’t want a representative who believes that idea is an appropriate selling point.

Totally agree with you, Teacher. That is one of the most ridiculous, undemocratic points, usually coming from the party that has a clear majority coming or considers votes for a party that won’t form a government to be a wasted vote. Many MPs and MLAs that sat in opposition have not only did a good job of holding the government accountable but they got things done.

So does he have is unforgettable mug shot on his posters? How does one forget what the ex-clown-mayor look like, he sure has the liberal smile. I know his band of merry workers better not phone my house I have plenty to say about the guy and then a joke nothing good to say.

A billion dollars to Deltaport
130 million dollars to the Port of Prince Rupert
That is all he could do as the saviour mayor
I don’t expect any more if he is MLA

Received my Robo Herb call on my answering machine.  I’m looking forward to the call from his associates. :imp:

1.  Underfunding education.
2.  Poor health care delivery.
3.  BC Rail scandal.
4.  Olympics, over priced fiasco.
5.  I won’t vote for a Premier who is a drunk driver.

I think Gordo has some work lined up for Robo Herb whether he gets elected or not and lets hope the work is in Victoria and he permanetly relocates…

I have a (somewhat tongue in cheek) theory to offer for those who find the robo-calls annoying.  The real voices only call those people whose opinions they are unclear about, supporters, or those who they hope to influence.  They can’t influence me (because I have made that clear enough in non-anonymous public statements).  Therefore, they don’t call (and haven’t).

So, while I might take some superficial pleasure in dressing down a political phone agent of the “wrong” (my opinion) party, I won’t be bothered by the opportunity because they know better.

Therefore, letters to the editor, lawn signs (when they arrive), or community activism might serve to keep your phone lines clear.

On the other hand, a public expression of “gee, I’m not really sure where I stand” might fill up an evening with the dubious pleasure of arguing with somebody over issues that the caller probably doesn’t fully understand.

Admittedly, I have cynical moments. But I remain hopeful that positive change is in the air…gawd knows it needs to be!

All of which is really a call for everybody who cares (one way or another), to get energized and participate.  Apathy and inactivity are the enemies of democracy.

That’s right. That was all Herb’s doing. :unamused:

From the tone of these posts, it seems that Herb is actually Stalin.

Heh-heh, that is what I thought as well, teacher.  I support the NDP federally and provincially; I have done so for years.  I give donations to the NDP in each campaign, and I always have a lawn sign.  The Robo campaign called me. :smiley:

Ooh, way to not use the “H” word. Nice.

Hubert Humphrey??