Robo Herb

No, I was wrong. He did use 'Herb." :smiley:

Now that’s an understatement!

When they (both parties) start to make promises I’d like to know where they are going to get the money when two of the largest revenue generators for the government, forestry and oil & gas, are not producing.

I noticed that there were two ships loading logs in the harbour last week. How many truck loads are we exporting out of Prince Rupert and how many jobs?

What is happening with the old pulp mill site. Who is going to make sure it is cleaned up or are they going to leave it up to China to decide?

What is happening with the fixed link to Digby Island and expansion of the airport runway?

What are they going to do to get fishery workers back to work? I had recently been down to Vancouver and I could help to notice all the clams and mussels being sold and wondered where they come from. I asked the vendor and he told me they are all a BC product and that they are know for there quality around the world. So why don’t we have a clam fishery?

What is the liberal plan for fish farms for the north coast?

How many government people are they going to lay off in Prince Rupert?

On the subject of exporting raw logs, the rumours I hear is that many of those empty containers are going back filled with logs also. Anyone know anything specific?