Road Trip:-)

Returned from my road trip to Drumheller on Friday.  It was hot in Drumheller, +100 degrees:-)

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Beautiful photos :smiley:  Reminds me of a trip I took through Montana, the Badlands, 116 degrees and the rad in the RV blew…Memorable trip, I’ll take a walk through memory lane now!  Thanks for sharing, hope you had a great time…

Thank you, codybear5:-)
Yes, we had a great time, thank you!  I must say the extreme heat was a nice change from PR, but I’m glad to be home. :smiley:

thats how we roll in alberta…heat and money!

Alberta is a nice place.  My kid particularly liked the mall and the wave machine:-)

MMMMMMMoney! What are you doing out here?

Drumheller eh, you may have seen me or my crew driving yellow, black and white trucks in that area. I just got back from a 10 day stint with the Medicine Hat crew in the Hanna and Drumheller region. It was HOT, so I went camping this weekend in the rainy Monkman Provincial Park. That Murray River is a chilly one to take a bath in, but very refreshing.

I havn’t been to the Royal Tyrell Museum since I was 6 or 7 years old or so. Was it pretty interesting? What’s with the giant jesus in the hills there?
I wouldn’t expect that giant dinosaur and giant jesus statues would coexist in the same neigourhood.

I think Stockwell Day put it there back when he was trying to figure out when the dinosaurs were wandering around Alberta…

Yeah, the museum was interesting, I’ve never been there before.
Yeah, you might have seen me I was staying at the Drumheller Inn on July 10-11th, I saw some workers on the morning of the 11th when I was packing up my car for the trip back into BC.
Jesus lives? :smiley:

I think Ralph Klein and dinosaurs co-existed at one time. :smile:

He’s clearly a dinosaur herder.

That’s probably why he’s so tall.  Short dinosaur herders don’t have a long shelf life. :smiley:

It was hot in Drumheller, +100 degrees:-)[/quote]

The only Dinosaurs I see in this thread are these two…

It’s understandable if you don’t understand Kilograms, but °Celsius, you can’t have hidden from it for this long.

Oh forgive me oh knowledgeable one.
I am perfectly comfortable with the metric system.  But, I do also post on American forums on occasion and forgot myself. 
Deepest apologies.
Get a life. :unamused:

But, I do also post on American forums on occasion[/quote]

Om jag skriva pÃ¥ en svensk forum jag skriva pÃ¥ svenska…
If I post on a Canadian forum, I write in english (ou francais)…

If it were the other way around it just wouldn’t make any sense…

The reference to an American forum was linked to Fahrenheit as you are perfectly well-aware, Charles_T.  You are being annoying. 
There was a sense of levity in this thread before you chimed in. :imp:

Metric system?  What is this metric system you speak of?
You could use metrics on the other forums, we won’t mind, we won’t understand either :smiley:
It’ll be like the nurse at my doctors office, she’s Ukrainian, and she was complaining that we don’t use the metric system.

LMAO! :smiley:
When I’m on the other forums that we sometimes frequent I like to fit in.  The metric system is a system of measurement that uses factors of ten.  The metric system is used to measure length, mass, volume, temperature.  Here are the units for length.

10 mm= 1 cm
100 cm= 1 m
1000 m= 1 km

*mm= milimeter ( a unit of measure about about as thick as a few sheets of paper)
*cm= centimeter (about as thick as your finger)
*m=meter ( a little over three feet)
*km= 1000 meters

Any person OUR age in Canada, should be smart enough to use any of the mentioned units of measurement, not just the metric system.

Charles_T is just being a troll :smiley:

Yep.  Agreed.  :imp: