Road Trip:-)

  Are you trying to be a smartass or just arrogant Charles_T. ?  And why do I feel as though I am defending myself . I happened to have been in Montana when the RV rad blew and I suppose that, oh forgive me, I relayed the story as I had to my Yankee buds, in our old “dinosaur” measurements. You have, as hitest posted, taken the fun from this thread. Lighten up or go and read a book. Maybe Russian would impress us this time, just don’t swear at us. One of us may understand you :unamused:

I use both, for half my school life we used Imperial then switched to the metric system. …ya so what…LOL :astonished:

See you could use that, we just won’t understand.  You don’t need to use our system of measurements to fit in, we like you for who you are not how you measure things.  
I was never taught metrics in school.  Of course that’s because the American education system is as useless as a condom with a hole in it.

Well, thank you, my friend! :smiley:

Now to switch gears a bit…dinosaurs:-)
When I stood under the skeleton of the T-Rex in Drumheller and looked up it was really amazing.  His skull was 2 meters long with huge banana-sized teeth.  His head was 4-5 meters off the ground and his total body length was at least 8 meters.  Talk about an apex predator. :sunglasses: