Restaurants in this town

Someone mentioned Breakers Earlier they had been a fav of mine for about 3 years.  Recently I started to find their attitude regarding quality and service has declined so I have stopped going…  I literally don’t know where to go to eat in this town.  Thankfully a close friend of mine is a wonderful cook :smile: 

What do others think of Breaker’s?

most of the restarants in town live off past reputations and dont seem to care about getting new customers

wow, i cannot belive the negativity on hacking the mainframe. While our local businesses are closing, buildings falling apart and our population dwindling, people are more interested in slandering small businesses rather than discussing what we can we do to make Prince Rupert a better community.

If you are not happy with the service you receive from the Crest Hotel, Breakers or any business in Prince Rupert you should speak to the managers and voice your concerns - it’s called responsibility.

I love Prince Rupert and I would like to see more community members support businesses and people who believe in Prince Rupert.

But then we’d have nothing to complain about.  :unamused:

too often in this town complaints fall on deaf ears… 

That goes for most of the business’s in town

I have voiced my concerns to the cooks at the places i mentioned, i also wrote a letter to Steve Smith regarding my concerns and got a big line about how he was going to recitify things…and of course he didn’t.  When your first line is to complain to the person in charge and no one listens then i feel i can pass it on here…

Well as so many people leave the community I dont get this attitude…
Except for two good grocery stores there is nothing here anymore.
I buy almost everything in Terrace, Vancouver, Victoria, Portland and Halifax.  
Good Restaurants in this town are the thing ofthe past…

Slander? I didnt see any slander. Just peoples opinions on local restaurants/business.  Anyway I’m sure you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesnt believe rupert has potential.

Unfortunately there seems to be a constant lineup of pigs at the trough trying to get their own instead of looking out for the community. Pigs that are raking in 100k salaries from the city with a depressed economy, pigs that travel the world on the cities dime courting the chinese/whoever says they might spend a dime in rupert instead of spending that money on local infrastructure… etc etc etc.

As for the restaurants decker said it best. they live off past reputations and have absolutely no interest in producing quality food… and why would they? the majority of rupertites wouldnt pay for it because it’d be significantly more expensive than the competition.

I’m not saying it wouldnt be nice but when your economy is for lack of a better word… fucked a high end restaurant just isnt a good business venture. Instead you get mcdonalds and a bunch of variations of deep fried fish.

You said it all there

well rupert guy, if you feel so passionate about Prince Rupert, maybe you should get off your computer and run for council or mayor or better yet open your own business. It takes true strength to be a leader in any situation and you seem to have the conviction for it.

Risk VS reward… is a pretty good reason not to start a business in Rupert. It’s never too late for a turnaround but there needs to be massive changes in the way rupert is run in order for the city to make a comeback.

For starters they should probably get business owners to pay their taxes… then maybe do some maintenance on the infrastructure… maybe enforce a standard of cleanliness/safety on certain business… Empress (chasers or whatever the fuck it is now).

Lots of work to be done and it costs money… so maybe the city should look at selling an asset like i dont know… citywest.  The city should also stop trying to compete with wages for cities like kelowna/Vancouver.

Just a few ideas from the peanut gallery.

Hey pc2010, I don’t think it’s Rupertguy who is passionate about Rupert, you might re-read his posts, he is pretty much not shopping here, not dining here and not really giving a shit anymore…once you get burnt a few times in these joints ya tend to not try them again and again.  Good Luck to the people who say they are opening a new joint though, i will give it a try, especially if they have a decent sable fish on the menu and a CHEF. 

You make more good points jesus…

Enforcing standards of cleanliness and safety are good places to start.  Some Restaurants have been written up for this Smiles being one of them.  Put a bit of paint on some of the buildings down town is another idea…

Selling City West is another great idea…  Bring in a private company that actually has to provide decent standard of service or close down…  Tired of giving city west $150 every month for internet, digital cable and phone.  Other companies in canada to attract business have very cheap bundle deals…  The high speed internet is like dial up much of the time.
My cell is Rogers…I wish Rogers offered more here.

I agree that we need to stop thinking that our city has the money to pay wages like centres like Kelowna and Vancouver…  

I am also disgusted that Council allowed Chances in while at the time I had an open mind about it, the people against it never got a fair hearing.   Rupert has one of the highest addiction rates anywhere yet council gave the go ahead to build something that only contributes to the unwellness of our community.
Already tight money for the small businesses got even tighter. The employment it provides is low wage and unstable.  There is much talk of the unfairness there.  Then to add insult to injuries they have not been paying taxes… Give me a bloody break…

Another thing that gets to me is the pissing and moaning of fishing industry workers…
I left that industry in 1989 at that time there was not much left.  That industry provided my family with a wonderful income 1960s-early 80s, however like most good things in life they don’t last forever…  

I still think there is hope for the community but the attitude of many business owners is back in the 80s…  

Cant say I disagree with you but be careful what you wish for regarding rogers. They’re a terrible terrible company.  I’d rather see someone like shaw buy out citywest. They’re a much more customer friendly organization.

Actually I’d rather see the city not have to sell citywest but they are going to have to due to a lot of piss poor decision making over the years.

the empress or chasers is now owned by the guys who own city furniture im prety sure or rented by, beacuse its full of furniture and lots of other storage .

As to the original question of “what do others think of breakers?” I thought it may be helpful to go through a number of restaurants in town and give my own personal opinion :smile:

Anchor Inn- good pub food, good variety, VERY slow service but you can kill time with FREE pool on sundays.

Raffles- to scared to try

West end- cheap burgers, good chinese, ROUGH crowd

New moon- skip it

East star- VERY fast, not the nicest waitresses, decent price

Galaxy- see above but with nicer waitresses and not as good food

La gondola- cheap if you eat inside, drive ins a rip off you may or may not get food poisoning

Rodos- SLOW, above average food (greek), don’t seem to really care about the customer

Zorbas- SLOW, EXPENSIVE, found a thumb tack in my poutine once

Herbys- fast, cheap, dirty

Bamboo shoot- see above but more expensive and a nicer atmosphere

Casino- bar menus not bad, sucks about getting rid of the two for one appys, good luck getting served

Crest- good service, decent food, SLOW

Pizza Hut- Biggest disappointment of my life

Smiles- Never have anything on the menu, GREAT service, we all know about the kitchen

Cow bay Cafe- best place to eat in town, expensive, smaller portions, limited seating

Bobs on the rocks- best fish and chips in town, have to sit outside

Breakers- slow, below average food, nice staff

I know this is not every place to eat in town but i hope that it might help someone make there next choice easier when eating out!

Also if anybody has any information or opinions on Fairview, Johnny Bs, The bellmont (food), Raffles, Lee & Anns, the blue ocean or any other places in town I would greatly appreciate your input.

  Just got back from having dinner at Cu’s… was very…very…very…okay, it was the best dinner I have had in awhile.
I had the steak sandwich and he had a seafood mix of goodies… and all the fixings… the service was excellent and the food was hot and perfectly served. The steak sandwich was huge… so don’t order anything larger, as you don’t need to…
So I highly recommend going to Cu’s…  :sunglasses:  oh, I’m quite full… but content

So I don’t know how much truth there is to this, but somebody told me that Cu’s has new owners.  If this is true, did they do anything with the decor of the place?  I’ve only been there once.  The food was decent but I seriously felt like I had travelled back in time 30 years.  The place reminded me of being at my grandparents when I was a child.

  haha… this is true, I made that same comment to my husband last night … 
  They are new owners, and he is a good cook…