Restaurant's are left in Rupert

How many restaurant’s are left in Rupert…i hear there is a lot closed there doors ?

Actually restaurants seem to be the one growth area in town, while some have closed over the last few years, almost just as many have opened up or changed hands for the most part.

Perhaps those with better memories can run down the list of closed, but there have been others to take their place.

I bet the good old ‘West End’ will bury them all   :wink:

green apple…DQ…Tasty Freeze…A&W…and then there was dirty lucas pizza in the Inlander…moby dick had 24hr restaurant…boulets when it was at fairview


Gee  Whiz Mr. Mcsash, you sure are old!!! :imp:

HAHAHA…ya nearly ready for a walker…

I did actually eat at the tasty freeze and the A&W when I was a  kid…that was the every saturday treat with my dad.

imperial palace…
hehehe…mr mikes…and what about erics steak house in the rupert square.

Boulet’s was once my favourite place to eat…spent many a relaxed evening in the Moby’s restaurant over pie and coffee. The Tastee Freeze left an interesting legacy out in the Yellowhead (rats!) and the DQ was the one place I was not sorry to see the doors close on-the chicken sandwiches tasted like baloney!!

then brownies chicken…then the chicken factory…and KFC

Who does remember the “Purple Pad”, they had a hamburger/hotdog bar and a dancing hall … a great time we had in there.
It was located in the basement, right where those trees are now standing.

isnt that the site of the old islander hall…i think there was a pizza place  in there also

Could pretty well be mcsash, just that I can’t recollect.

That was TJ’s, wasn’t it?? Or at least the basement was…

We remember that caberet as The Teriyaki Club, Shima owned it then. We had our first date there in 1974…ha ha… my first job in Rupert was at the West End Grocery, and the (first) Surf Club was right next door…surf and turf mmmmmmmmm. I would order up some king crab legs and garlic butter around 10pm, then after work, walk down to the Rupert Hotel and go downstairs to the HoHo club… Hey, do you remember the Pagoda, OMG… chow mein buns at 2:30am…lol

My dad frequently reminisces about the chow mein buns. He was also just talking the other day about a place called joe napoli pizza. Which had a special for cab drivers. Which was a HUGE pizza sub. Apparently the pizza joint resided beside the Belmont.

And Boston pizza on 3rd ave

And Boston pizza(s) on 3rd ave.

One of western Canada’s more succesful franchises but they could not quite make it up there.

Nick’s Pizza where Herbie’s is.

It was called TJ’s which is short for ‘Tokyo Jim’s’ ( Jim Shima ) Who now owns and runs a similar establishment in Quesnel, not sure what the name of it is.