Remembrance Day and the court house flag

Hey, if anyone on htmf knows someone working at the court house,  :wink:   maybe have them suggest to management to pick up a new Canadian flag, the one they used for Remembrance Day today was a tad tattered… 

Nice to see a decent turnout at the court house, considering the weather, it’s always interesting how the rain picks up just around 11 am and then lets up about 1145…


How long have you lived in Prince Rupert that you still find the rain interesting??? :wink:

I “borrowed” this picture from a coworker that was in attendance as I’m at work…
I have to say…I think it is disgraceful that the flag is in such a state…very disappointing and disrespectful.

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I hadn’t noticed that the flag was tattered like that. Usually someone at the courthouse notices these things. When I get into work tomorrow I’ll phone in a request to have it changed.

Although monitoring the flag is not my job, I do apologize for it being tattered on remembrance day. That shouldn’t happen.

Well,  I have to say I was wrong.  I was expecting a poor turnout.  However there were loads of people.  It was nice to look out after marching up to see hunders of people.  The only down point was good old herb saying hi and nodding hello to people as he walked down to lay the wreath.  Herb,  this occasion was not for you,  people did not come to see you do your part.  There came to remember the fallen and those still serving overseas.  Pull your head in mate.
Still a good turn out of people.  From what I hear Prince rupert always has the best turn out for our region.  Maybe next year we can double it. 
We were discussing one issue at the Moose hall and I thought I might post the question here.  When did children stop singing our anthem every morning in school.  I have fond memories of doing this and can not see why it is still not done.  I feel it instills a strong sense of country and a love of our land.  When did that stop.

Oh the mocking, the mocking, it’s the horror of the mocking  :smiley:

Hey, Just a question please dont flame me…Anyways, I know they did things alphabeticaly, But shouldnt they do service groups first? Like Veterans…and then Business’s after the service groups…It seemed a bit disrespectful to me.

I was a bit saddened to see how few people seemed to know the words to God Save the Queen. I know that we are removed from England but we are still part of the Commonwealth countries.

Well not sure why you would be flamed, that seems like a valid point…

The Vets should be the first to lay their wreaths, followed by your reserves, cadets and such, then at the end the local business folks, at least they don’t sell the wreath laying yet,

This wreath brought to you by (Insert business here) … where bargains are found everyday.

Now that would be a little much eh…


In many cases, if not most, it never even started. It wasn’t a universal thing to do.
The schools I attended (Ontario, Alberta and B.C.) never sang the anthem and neither did the schools my wife attended.

In regards to the flag - does anyone know if it was tattered before the fairly decent winds we had last night?  It might have happened overnight, but even if it did, I am of the opinion that this morning is when the flag should be replaced if it needs to be.  It’s not like it’s a rare thing for Rupert to get some good wind - have a spare flag or two on ‘standby’ just in case. 

As for the anthem - I never sang it in school either.  I do remember having to recite the Lord’s Prayer - it always bothered me, but I was a quiet rule-following child so I never spoke up (hee hee, look at me now  :imp:) - but I cannot recall when that practice stopped either.  Does anyone know if it was a provincial or federal mandate to say the prayer in school?  Or by School District?  Or heck, even by individual school? 

no religion in schools any more, we are a diverse nation and very pc so nothing to do with religion.  (the word god is used in the song)

God in which song? The Lord’s Prayer? I’ve never heard it sung.

Anyways–I’m tired of having to be PC. Our soldiers in World War One sang God Save The King, our national anthem says “God keep our land”. I don’t think either are actually over-religious. It’s just a statement of hope for our nation, or in God Save the King, the Empire.

O Canada!
Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all thy sons command.
With glowing hearts we see thee rise,
The True North strong and free!
From far and wide, O Canada,
We stand on guard for thee.
God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

Listen here:

Its been that way for some time…more then a month but less then 6 months…

Although I see the point of singing God Save the Queen at a Remembrance Day ceremony (it is part of the respect payed to canadians who fought under British command in WW I,) we have an anthem of our own and that’s the one that should always be learnt by canadians.  These WW I folks were the ones that first made a statement about us being a country of the world, equal to others.   The Statute of Westminster of 1931 helped finalized their statement.
So, do I expect the UK anthem sung on November 11 and at some other ceremonies?  Absolutely.
Should all canadians know the words to that song?  Only if they wish.

To hell with the Queen. Fire here ass already.
British Empire be damned. We weren’t even the jewel in the Crown, more like the stump.

Did my respect thing.
Time to resume booting the politicians that send our troops off in the ass.

I’m sure it was ripped during these high winds lately. Someone should check it before Nov 11th though. The problem is that the property managers, WSI, are based out of Terrace. I’ll see if they will send me a spare flag, and I’ll program in a reminder into Outlook to check it just before Nov 11th.

Well folks,
For those of you that hate being “politically correct”,just take a look at our "national anthem"which was changed to make IT politically correct!
I don’t even know the words to the NEW version and refuse to sing along.