Remembrance Day and the court house flag

It’s been like that for a number of weeks.  My mom made a comment about it one morning when it was at half mast a few weeks ago… hoping they would remember to get a new one before Remberance Day.

The Canadian flag at the Post Office/DFO is in dire need of replacement too.

Note to Crazy Mike -  Check with Gary Coons or Nathan Cullens constituency office on 3rd avenue…I know for a fact that they will give you a flag!

The flag on the airport ferry needs to be replaced as well. The complete left red section is missing

Thanks Pureheart. If WSI won’t give me a spare flag I’ll check there or I’ll buy one myself to keep on hand. I haven’t missed a remembrance day ceremony for 25 years, and I feel badly that the flag was damaged.

Boy we’re really having fun with flags at the courthouse. Today the B.C. flag came crashing down to the ground. The wire it’s raised on rusted right through.

call gordon campbell after all  considering the flood of tv ads today were the best place on earth should have a flag to signify this

Can anyone enlighten me. What is the protocal for flying American flag and Provincial flag along with Canadian flag, say in a park or official building. Which side does US flag fly on and should Canadian fly higher? :confused:

Hey! Go easy on Queenie! Ok, she isn’t so great for you guys and all (maybe just to decorate your money a little), but I like her!

I dont think we really have an empire anymore, everyone split (Though we gave Quebec to the French to appease them a bit! :wink: ). I always go to the Remembrance Day parade in London, and there isn’t a single WW1/WW2 vet there who doesn’t believe they went to war for Queen and Country, and their love for the Queen is pretty solid. . . unfortunately, logistic meant I couldn’t go this year which sucked, but no matter how old or frail they are, they will ALWAYS salute the Queen.

Facing the flags. From left to right…Canada, other nation, provincial…all the same height.

Top to bottom:
(after Jan 20th) reserved for USA
Lesbian Mothers Against The Budget
Other Nations
(before Jan 20th) USA

If there are only two flags or more than 3 flags, then the Maple Leaf should be on the left as seen by a majority of people.

The exception is for 3 flags.  In that case, the Maple Leaf should be in the center.

Also, other recognized sovereign states get their flags flown to the immediate right of the Maple Leaf, before provinces, and before cities.

So if you have Maple Leaf, BC flag, Prince Rupert flag, Nunavut flag, Alberta flag, Stars and Stripes, Russian flag, you’d have them like this:

Maple Leaf at the very left.
Stars and Stripes next
Russian flag
BC flag
Alberta flag
Nunavut flag
Prince Rupert flag

Unless they are in a semi-circle, then the Maple Leaf should be right in the middle.

Man, am I nerdy. … te/2_e.cfm

[quote]Position of honour

Due consideration should be given to flag etiquette and precedence whenever the National Flag of Canada or other sovereign national flags or provincial/territorial flags are displayed.

The location of the position of honour depends on the number of flags flown and the chosen configuration. When two flags (or more than three flags) are displayed, the position of honour is furthest to the left (to an observer facing the display). When three flags are flown, the position of honour is in the center (see “Sharing the same base - Three flags”)


The order of precedence for flags is:

The National Flag of Canada*
The flags of other sovereign nations in alphabetical order (if applicable)**
The flags of the provinces of Canada (in the order in which they joined Confederation)
The flags of the territories of Canada (in the order in which they joined Confederation)
The flags of municipalities/cities
Banners of organizations[/quote]

The thing you quoted said that the flags of other sovereign nations should be in alphabetical order… so shouldn’t the Russian Federation be before the United States of America?

Man, am I nerdy.[/quote]

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