Recreation dept dosnt need new managers

We can run the dept with one manager who is doing a great job,we
can save 200 thousand by not replacing the two management positions,
as for our programs that have left we will get them back and we will make
our citizens proud of there recreation dept.

3 managers at about 100k each to manage ruperts ‘recreation’ dept… Wow someones sure fucking the taxpayer pretty hard

How about that huh jesus and they cut programs and speak of a possible temporary closure due to lack of funds  ? :unamused:  Again, freakin’ priorities!

  Jeez, don’t you guys know how it works. Manager for the front door,one for the courts,one for the rink and one for the Field I assume. Then they need to be able to tell someone what needs to be done,so they all get assistant managers that tell the formans,that tell the workers. It is all easy to follow if you think like them.

I need to be more clear 100 thousand is not all salary on average with benefits
manager can make 70 to 100 thousand that is the norm in govt,i just think in
these times we need to look at all areas i may not no to much about management
but i do know our rec dept because i have worked there over 30 years,we have a
good team and we will make it work.

ajaye46, get back to work. =.=’

How about fire the overpaid hacks that are doing a shitty job of managing prince ruperts recreation facilities and hire someone competent for 50k.

Prince rupert salaries should not be competing with those of Vancouver or other larger jurisdictions for two reasons 1) rupert has less resources to manager 2) Cost of living is much much less in rupert.

If you make 100k for managing the recreation your next act as manager should be to shitcan yourself.

No wonder the city is broke… fuck.

Somebody help me, he’s starting to make sense again, this must be a sign

Nah I’m just looking for a job with decent income where I can sit on my ass and do nothing. City work seems to be the job for me!

  I don’t think Ajaye grasps that most of us think they are all overpaid, even the ones who push a broom make more then people who have gone to university for 5 years. Good work if you are lucky enough to know someone to get it.

push? dont you mean hold  the broom? pushing would mean to work

Its amazing how you people think and the way you come across so
rude,my point was to try to help the tax payer of this town not fireing
bullets,if this is how you treat people then no one is going to do nothing
for our city.

People do lots for the city… part of which is paying exorbitant salaries to ‘managers’. Perhaps next time tax hikes are considered they should fire some of the employees instead. 3 people to manage 30 parks at 100k each? fuck off you cant be serious.

In all fairness to whoever it is running the show up there right now (Calvin?), I think you need at least two people for the Rec Department heads to avoid burn-out. One to manage both the aquatic center and all programming for it/the Rec Centre/afterschool programs/etc and another to manage the Rec Facility/parks/playgrounds,etc. You don’t need to pay $100 thousand either, look for some recent rec facility management grads with good people skills and the willingness to work hard to take over the reins at the rec centre and oh yeah, make sure they are good at grant writing so maybe the kids’ playgrounds can get started up in those neighbourhoods where they have been torn out because of age and decay.

Unfortunately the city staff wages up there were artificially boosted back in the 70’s and 80’s to attain some parity with the kind of bucks the mill workers were getting and with no mill around to pay taxes, it’s very hard to continue to support those wages now. Outside of Vancouver, facilities are hiring managers in the mid 60’s to high 80’s, surely City Hall can find a way to reduce spending the kind of bucks it used to back in the day…

I agree that there is no need to pay such an out of control Salary, it does not seem very smart one bit. I will support that statement that they should also not spend such money in the Big White House on third avenue either and have so many managers who for some reason have not produced too much for the community.

Is it a couple of managers salaries or is it a high number of overpaid workers?

Careful now, you may be one of the people George Baker was writing about today in his weekly opus.

We have 30 parks  :confused:

Probably if you include all the little ones. I havent lived there in 10 years though so I dont know :wink:

This is why we pay the highest taxes in BC: