Re: Watson Island Sale?

A previous thread had speculation that CN and Quickload would be the logical suitors for the old pulp mill site.  Rumour has it that CN and Quickload were not among the six bids submitted.  The article in the paper about the bidders seemed to say that they all met the minimum bid of $13 million.  I guess CN and Quickload thought the price was to high, or that nobody else would bid, and they could lowball the City.  Just when you thought we were nearing the end of this “chinese water torture” it starts to get interesting again.

Well, I know it’s just a rumour, but if they didn’t bid at all, then there was no lowball.

I think we’ll have to wait until there’s something official.  Otherwise it’s just rumour.

Would it be too much to ask for West Cost Amusements to park their carnies there for the winter? That would be sweet.

Why, oh why, do Rupertites always aim so low? WCA?

its going going its gone

Wonder if you could just flesh that out a little ajaye, now that your intriguing rumour about CN, from civic sources most likely, has been counter-rumoured.  

it doesn’t matter who it is this mill will be sold
and the city will be out of it we wouldn’t be in this mess
if Dan miller kept his word,when George petty said i will
make you pay he sure did he made the whole city pay
for a few hot heads out there local 4 you know who they are.

If, when, why, who, where what.

And oh, if only that Charles Hays guy had never boarded the Titanic, oh how different it all would be. … h_Columbia

I don’t know there ajaye, if you want to talk about Dan Miller, a pretty distinguished Rupertite of times long gone, or give tips to members of a union that is now defunct in all but name, you might be interested in checking out the ever gracious Saffron’s culinary suggestions over on another thread.

who is dan miller working for know ? its gordon campell and
ujal dousang the liberials glen clark works for union bad boy
jim pattison if you think dan miller is our super mr prince rupert
ask  him one thing where is the paper work for his promise to
the city for the 10 million in taxes why did td bank get there 100
million ask gary coons what rick thorb the minister said to our city
in a meeting when he said if the bc govt owes the city 10 million
i will pay you show me the paper work.We the people of prince rupert
dont forget what happend lets just pray that our future generations can
rise up and make our town into the golden city it was planned for many
years ago so mr hays can look us in the eye and say im proud and thank
us for keeping his dream alive.

Why did you leave off Bill Belsey?  He made repeated promises to the City and the people of Prince Rupert.  Then broke them.  Remember when he guaranteed that he would make sure the mill opened? 

Funny you ignore the Liberals in your tirade.  They sold the mill to Veniez, didn’t they?  They claimed that selling it to him would guarantee that the mill would open.

If you’re going to go back in history and whine about the past, why are you so selective about it?

Dan Miller &^%**$#@ ()!@#

bill belsey was in that meeting trying to help prince Rupert
it wasn’t the liberals fault we made a handshake deal with Dan
i agree that bill did say he would help keep the mill open but
the cost was so high it didn’t make business seance as pulp prices
fell and support for the mill dropped after the ndp put 350 million
into it we need to move forward im a real supporter for nathan
Cullen he makes things happen he is focused and we need him
to get us out of this mess lets keep positive and let old wounds

A “handshake deal” with the City for $10 million of taxpayers’ money? Nobody thought to put it in writing did they?

Good idea.

ajaye46, my big-wall-of-text decipher machine is killing me.

Please stop writing like that… I beg you illiterate typing fool…

who bought it?

You did…payments due every June!!  :imp: :imp:

I wont beg as it is not my style…but jesus H christ…ajaye thats soooo painful!

Ssshhhtop it.

stop your crying you silly fool

Well here’s hoping whom ever is the purchaser buys it quick with cash up front. No more gentleman’s agreements PLEASE!  We all have been blue screwed and tatooed … let’s git er done!

Have a good one!