Re: Upload Speed Drop?

Anyone else notice a drop in their upload speed or their whole internet for that matter.  I used to get 700-800kb upload speeds and now only get 300-400kb.  Does this have to do with Port Ed getting high speed internet, just notice this drop since the announcement that Port Ed was getting High Speed Internet.

I’ve noticed that my internet has been lagging the last couple of days.  I assumed it was something internal.  Anyone else?

Weird, I’ve been experiencing just the opposite lately.  Things seem a lot faster for me.

But it’s all anecdotal, and perception, 'cause I haven’t really measured anything.

Ive been getting faster downloads lately.  Well via torrents.  I use to only get 100, now im getting 205 average.  Uploads about 40

Is Port Ed part of the Citywest network?  Or are they on their own hook-up with Telus or something else?  Just curious. :smiley:
This is what Transport Canada used to test our cct’s. Seattle’s right on top, uses the same knot of fiber under  Canada place.

i just noticed my torrent download speed skyrocket from like 200 kbps

to like 1.5 mb per second
the fiber optics must be running now

200kbits or kbytes?

What kind of DSL do you have?

I don’t think they’re finished the fiber link yet. 

Thanks for the link, Herbie, that’s one of the nicest and easiest tests out there.

I’ve been slow lately too.  Some downloads have been going about the same, but most seem a little bit slower.  My uploads for sure have been slower.

Just did the speed test with the Seattle server, and I’m at 805 kbps down and 352 kbps up.


i dunno about the fiber optics
but i just downloaded 8 gigs in an hour

I just tried the test to Seattle and it’s roughly where it has been in the past: 1714kbps down and 323kbps up.


Wow, that’s great!

What kind of DSL do you have?

8 gigs = 8192 megabytes/hour = 136 megabytes/min = 2.275 megabytes/sec =

18.2 megabit DSL?


PS, math makes my brain hurt.

Just looking at you do math makes MY brain hurt.

If someone is capable of downloading 8GB in an hour, how much do they pay for their internet a month?  Better not be the same as me or I’ll be a tad pissed off.

Well, I pay $60/month, and I get about a tenth of that kind of bandwidth.  But I also get 3 real IPs and get to host this server :wink:  So I’m not complaining.

Ive noticed a speed increase lately on the full adsl package
the best i could get on the test was 1723 down  598 up
a little faster than i normally get
my torrents have been just flying in lately too

i have the same dsl same modem and same 3 ip’s as you
i just started downloading and it went turbocharged
only lasted about an hour

What kind of DSL pkgs are offered in Rupert?
Here is:
1.5 down 512 up $34.95, 2 IPs
2.5 down 512 up $49.95, 2 IPs
4.0 down 1023 up $149, 5 IPs & hosting

Best link I have, measured right at the fiber line demark to SaskTel w speedtest was 9.4 down 6.2 up. At the office the uplink isn’t amped yet so it drops to 9.2 down ~4 up

We just did our publicity whore thing and setup a free wireless repeater for the campers at last weekend’s Cottonwood Music Festival here, limited to 512 down 256 up. Didn’t get any gripes, but got a lot of thx!

Ah, ok.  Must have been some major compression or local caching going on?  'cause 8 gigs in an hour is about 10 times what the modem is capable of doing.  I was going to run a network cable over to your house if you’re getting those speeds :wink:

It is much faster lately, though, right?

I just tested my computer on the Seattle site and I got 1718 download and 424 upload.  not 100% sure what those numbers mean but from looking at the other results people are posting it seems alright.

I think part of the problem why my comp was lagging was that somehow my firewall on my Limewire was disabled and people were bogarting files I had previously downloaded from there.  Quite a bit of activity.

I don’t normally get lightning fast downloads but the seattle server says I get 2105 down and 972 up.  My torrents are NEVER that fast, or even close  :confused: