Re: Upgrading a System

So I want to update my computer… it’s only 6 years old… still a spring chicken!  :unamused:

I’ve been wanting to buy a dvd-burner, usb2 controller, and another hard drive for a while now, but I might as well update the whole thing.  I’m thinking I’ll need a new mobo, cpu and more ram for sure.  My video and sound cards are fine for what I do… and they’ve never been used to their full capacity anyways.  The only other thing I might need a new one of is a power supply, and maybe a fan.

Is all this possible for around $500?  Is there anyone out there willing to build it for me when I get the parts? 

Now since I have a hotmail account and know nothing about computers, is it even worth it to upgrade what I have now… if things are compatible, or would it be better just to get a new system altogether? 

This system was over $3000 when I bought it in 2000… it really sucks to know that if I tried to sell it now I probably wouldn’t even get $500 for it :frowning:

Jusy get a new system.  Check out for an example of some prices. 

At this point, it doesn’t make much sense to upgrade when you can buy brand new systems for pretty much the same price as upgrading. 

Agree with Mig.

You should be able to pick up a tower of some sort for 500-800$ that’ll do everything you’ll need. 

For my next investment I’m going to get this! 

I agree with MiG, always has some killer deals!  Like TR said you’ll get a wonderful system for under a grand.  If you want to go as high as a thousand you’ll get a really decent unit.  You’ll get industry standard components, a good warranty, a good software bundle. :smiley:

My comps still pretty fast.  I got a gig of ram, 2.66 oc to 2.96, 6600gt, 36 raptor, 250 diamondmax and a sweet case thats missing a fan cause i needed it to keep my modded ps2 cool.  I probly still got another 5 years left in mine before i switch the motherboard over to pci-e and sata 2.
Im getting a 22 inch widescreen monitor and the Creative Sound Blaster X-FI Elite Pro next…
that alone there is $1000

No one pimping for NCIX or your local supplier?

anyone have this monitor? … re=Samsung A nice dual core 2 Amd 64 with 1 gig ram 300 gig hdd &&&&& a nice free 20" lcd 899$ can’t beat that. NICE!

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

So starting at a $999 Dell system, and upgrading/adding a couple things, I’m now at $1200, with no where near the hard drive space I want.  I’ll look more later.

Um build the system you want then buy a extra hard drive some where else. Dell charges to much for a extra hard drive.

LOOK … TSD-300M16

And seriously what do you need in a system that can’t be under 1000$

A amd dual core 64 is about 5 x faster than yours.

1gig of ram is plenty for listening to music downloading surfing the net etc etc.

Maxtor??  Are you nuts? 

Ok, I may have a hotmail address but I’m not completely clueless!  I’m not buying a Maxtor drive anytime soon after the problems I’ve heard about lately.

Yeah I could. If I could by Windoze for $3 like Michael Dell can…
The cheap Dells are as shitty as anyone else’s. The better ones are no better priced. They hose you for upgrades.
Brand names mean nothing when it comes to computer systems. Buy the parts and build it yourself. Or pay someone $50 to put it together.

I have a maxtor Diamondmax, and wd raptor… never had a problem with either of them.
you can buy a 200 or more gig for 60$, thats pocket change.  Bluray dvd burners are going to change the way we use hds soon anyways.

[quote=“yngwie_69”]Bluray dvd burners are going to change the way we use hds soon anyways.

Bluray will flop like minidisc players and betamax, sorry.

We’re beyond that kind of media, there’s no quantum-leap.  People will just have hard-drive based media, video on demand, etc.


[quote]WD 200GB 7200RPM ATA100 2MB8.9MS EIDE HARD DRIVE $84.50
WD 200GB 7200RPM ATA100 8MB8.9MS EIDE HARD DRIVE $86.90
WD 200GB 3.5" SATA II 7200RPM8MB CACHE $88.10
MAXTOR 200GB 7200RPM UDMA1339.3MS 16MB $98.60
SEAGATE 200GB SATA 3GB 7200RPM8MB CACHE $86.30[/quote]

Wholesale prices today. If you can get any for $60 I’ll set you up with someone who’ll buy 10,000 at a time for $65. 50/50 split.
The 3 other suppliers I use are within $1.50 either way… … =THD-250A2

[quote=“yngwie_69”]Bluray dvd burners are going to change the way we use hds soon anyways.

Too unrealistic.

Bluray will flop like minidisc players and betamax, sorry.[/quote]

PERFECT! Another anti-Sony guy.  :imp:

I have a maxtor Diamondmax, and wd raptor… never had a problem with either of them.
you can buy a 200 or more gig for 60$, thats pocket change.[/quote]

Well, good to hear that you’re happy with your Maxtor Diamondmax.

But if I were you, I rather back-up my files and sell that Maxtor on eBay ASAP before it ruins my whole entire life.

Better safe than sorry.

Diamondmax are great harddrives, what are u talking about?

Your dumb.

My point about the link to the hard drive was the price not the actual product.

You can’t really put together a LEGIT computer like dell can with a authenticate windows xp and software…  Sure you can go buy hard ware but good luck getting good waranty. You may be able to get a monkey to put the computer together but after a while that monkey is busy or wants more money to fix it when it breaks. Get a dell get extended warranty if you can.

OR buy a mac :smiley:

Just face it buying a computer is not a easy job.