Re: To My Crest Family; vote Liberal in order to maintain employment

Hello hacking the main frame

Members of the Crest family received this letter. Can someone help me interpret it?

I couldn’t figure out how to upload here, so I have uploaded it on here:

I hope it shows up on your screen and you can help me figure out how I am supposed to vote. 

Thank you.

Guess we know where his vote lies  :smiley:

Welcome to HTMF, CrestEmployee!  If that is a true letter it seems that the Crest management is encouraging you to vote for the Liberal party.  I encourage you to do some reading about the various parties running in this election (Green Party, Liberals, NDP).  After you become familiar with the party platforms you should vote for the party that you think will best serve the people of BC.

Sounds as if the CEO of the Crest is using his position to try
to influence the way you vote, why else would he mention who he will vote for?

But not to worry, vote as you see fit, it’s none of his business.

Good for Mr Smith. No different than the mailings I got from CUPE and HEU urging me to vote NDP (using my own union dues to help print them all.)

uh no, not quite, your employment doesn’t quite depend on the whims of the union (*well at least until strike time) as opposed to the thoughts and inferences of management…

My take on all of these developments in the last few days is that the Liberals must be further back in their polling than I thought…

I’m sure you showed up at the union meetings where these mailings were discussed and voted against them, right?

I’m also sure that the Crest “Family” held a meeting and held a similar vote to send out this letter too, right?

The union that most of the Crest employees belong to could–but as the owner Mr Smith can send out anything he wants. They don’t have to listen, and the idea that he suggested their employment was in jeopardy if they don’t vote Liberal is nonsense.

Steve Smith should take a walk around the Crest Parking lot and count up the Fed and Prov. vehicles the out of town construction crews and then realize where a large percentage of his business comes from.
If he doesn’t like unions or union workers he should be honest and tell all of the out of town workers, he doesn’t want them staying in his hotel because for the most part they are union members and they might vote NDP.
These workers have a choice where they stay, they are not shackled to the Crest they can stay where they want.
Just say the word Steve I’m sure there are people in Rupert who could send these potential NDP voters to a Hotel where Management knows where their bread is buttered.

Hey eccentric, It’s hard to read between the lines when you’re in the shadows.

Lol. I don’t see this suggested at all in his short, reasonable letter. I’m done with this thread.

oh you’ll be back :laughing:

Everyone knows it’s time to vote Christian Heritage.

I was absolutely shocked when this letter first entered my home.  (someone in MY family is part of the “Crest Family”)  I think it’s incredibly tacky.

A Steve Smith endorsement would be enough to make me spoil my ballot!

I am so thankful that we live in a democracy that guarantees a free and confidential vote.  We can appease our superiors with lip service and let our actions soothe our conscience.

The ‘CrestZilla’ strikes again. This letter was obviously very carefully worded. Steve Smith is many many things, but is no dummy. Like any message this is definitely open to the interpretation of the reader, and coming from an employer, in my interpretation this is blatant coercion, and therefore unethical, as well as arrogant and condescending.

As tacky as it was, and YES, it was very tacky, if you are not already sure of your vote and who you will be casting it for, then maybe there would be grounds for saying he is trying to sway your vote but I think most everyone by this date is sure of their vote and if not, well, he will never know who you voted for anyway.  Tacky, yes, but what else can be said for a man that put TV screens over the hotel urinals…  Please… :unamused:

hey i thought those urinals were a great idea . gives me something to aim at when the canucks are losing  :smiley:

Wait a second, I thought you were a woman… what are you doing in the mens’ washroom!!!