Re: Tipping?

How much do you tip when going out to eat?
Why do you tip?
Where the hell did tipping start?
I know of a waitress who makes in one week in tips what I make in about 2 weeks, that’s just tips, imagine her wages on top of that!

Just me wondering

It all depends on what the waitress looks like.
waiters get 15%

My tip percentage calculation can probably be expressed as a function of service quality, friendliness, and waitress hotness.

Usually in the 15-20% range though.

It’s all about service for me. I don’t like the obligation that has been placed upon us that we should give 10% of the bill as a tip. I usually don’t go over $5 no matter what. I work to hard for my cash to give it away.

Eso, your tip is more likely a function of your blood alcohol level! :wink:

Didn’t we already have this conversation? Or was that someplace else?

No, we talked about it here.

Sometimes my only tip is to tell the girl/guy to find a new job. But usually i always tip only $4. I mean come on, people work ten times harder than than that and still make the same wage.

I don’t understand. Why you would bother to tell someone to find another job, especially if you know that someone else is working 10 times harder for less pay… If anything, wouldn’t it make more sence to tell harder workign people to be a waiter or waitress?

I usually tip no less than $5 bucks. I work hard for my money too, but I think that the work and stress the average waitress deals with in a day is often underestimated by us. Last night I ate at some Indian place on Centre St. in Calgary and tipped about $8 bucks I figure, for a ~$35 meal which is barely over $20%… Tips are generally split between everyone on the shift, including those in the kitchen right?

I don’t take my money for granted and I figure neither should anyone else. If the waiter/waitress makes an effort to earn a decent tip then they will get one. If it appears they are just going through the motions then they will get a pretty low tip from me, if one at all.


Man I ususally use debt, and My cell phone has a “EZ Tip Calculator” Fuction… so 15% is set for it. and it tells me so i do excatly 15%…

Double post ftw!

You need a sense of humour to appreciate my previous post. I thought it was obvious that I wasn’t serious when I said my tip for them would be to a get another job.

I usually tip between 15 and 20 %. I haven’t been discriminating on service too much but maybe I should. So if the food isn’t great, should the tip be less? I mean if everyone shares the tip, shouldn’t that means that if the dining experience wasn’t great, everyone is at fault together?

orangetang wrote:

That could apply to just about every occupation. Using that logic you should be tipping your garbageman, your mailman, your mechanic, the guy that fills your car with gas and just about everyone else that serves you. We all work hard but society has placed an obligation on us all to give at least a 10% tip to one group in a certain industry. Employers of these people have fueled this expectation by offering new employees minimum wage plus tips. How about just paying them more money?? Everybody wants a piece of my pie and I’m not going to give it to just anybody.

I’m with fingahz on this. Tipping used to be 10%, then 15%. Now its about 20%. When will it ends? Pay the people more right of the bat.

For me tipping is based entirely on how quick I get my food, was it good, and priced decently.

I could care less on the appearence of the waitier, and how hard they’re trying to fish for a tip. I feel sorry for some dudes who plop down a huge tip for half assed service just cause some bimbo is wearing one cup size too small and laughed at his shitty joke.

I especially hate when you get shitty service by some waiter who’s hungover, and then right when they bring you the check, try and lay on some sob story about how mean their boss is.

And if the food is overpriced, I figure the tip is already in there.

I suppose if women don’t find you attractive or funny . . . :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, a pal of mine said, “Nobody tips me me when I work, maybe I should put a jar on my desk”

But for me, 5%.

The only tips I get at work are to watch my back…lol :open_mouth: