Re: The Decade in Review

So, as we come to a new decade, we have an opportunity to reflect on the past 10 years. How was your decade? Did it fly by? Go slow? What happened that was good/bad? It seems like just yesterday that I was ringing in 2000 with my parents, and I was only 9!

What is something significant you remember from each of the past 10 years?
2000 - I was only in grade 4, but this is the year I definitely started to be interested in boys. :wink:
2001 - My youngest cousin was born. I did a lot of babysitting that year.
2002 - I remember this summer my family made a couple of trips to the Okanogan. A great year for sure.
2003 - First year of high school. Terrifying in the beginning, but definitely a start to a whole new chapter in my life!
2004 - Got braces sometime around here.
2005 - Got the braces off! :smiley: My family also got another dog this year.
2006 - Sad year, my grandma and a couple other relatives passed away. I bought my first car later in the year.
2007 - This is when I had a steady job, and I was working all the time.
2008 - Graduated high school / first year of university
2009 - Mostly just busy with school and work. Learned a lot about money management this past year, that’s for sure!

So, how have these past 10 years looked like for you?

I suddenly feel VERRRRRRRRY old  :cry:    On a great note, met my wonderful fella, highlight of the last 4 years  :smiley: 

Was that Okanogan Washington, or Okanagan in BC? Spelling does count on this one.

Still waiting for my jetpack and flying car.

Oops. It was the BC one! :stuck_out_tongue:

My decade was the most turbulent of my life. Ten years ago yesterday, our little family drove out of Prince Rupert and headed out on a long,wintery drive for a new home in the east. Since then, my kids have mostly finished growing up, we moved another two times, (this last time was the LAST time, I told my husband) and I ‘retired’ for about four years. Got back into the work force finally (competing against kids half my age, resort towns are wicked that way) and now I’m settled into a regular job again, which helps keep me sane! Add to that all the turmoil around the world that has changed the way we live and I’m just thankful for how little grey hair I have,even with two teenagers in the house!! I wouldn’t call it my decade from hell but I would say I am grateful to be feeling less anxious and a lot more settled than I did back when the decade started.


I would really like to take part in this post but for the most part of this past ten years we will file it under blank. Hopefully if I put my mind to it there are thing or very special moments and people that I have met, helped and maybe pissed off. Lost many real good people who were very close to me, such as Angus,Catherine, Mike,John and last but not least Peter Lester. Peter is one who encouraged me to be vocal on issues, not stop working with kids and I still remember his words of advise when I first ran for council, he said " the secret is do not piss them all off at the same time" true words from my old friend Peter. Yes I have had wonderful times in the last four years with my very special lady. I am sure there is more to remember but it come back I am sure.

Wow I doubt I could recall year by year but I can probably sum up the decade as an extra 30 pounds and two great kids. If I think of anything else of significance i will toss it on the pile later.

Got laid, got married, stopped getting laid,jk
Met my wonderful wife and got married.
The thing I will always remember about this decace (excluding personal stuff) by is Barrack Obama being elected President of the USA.
Oh, and another decade where the Canucks won dicky do.

The first half of the decade I don’t remember very well. The only thing I remember was the PAIN, PAIN, PAIN. The latter half was spent in less pain, with less and less to the present. Hope to spend the next decade relatively pain free. Gittn old, pain comes with the territory.

Moved to Prince Rupert. Learned to live with the rain. Learned to live with other people. Enjoyed the new words I learned like conflaguration and despondent and my personal favourite from 2000 – Glomp: to jump and hug someone from behind - often referred to as physical assault, but when performed correctly, is considered to be a joyful reminder of your own humanity.

I thought these would be around by now!

The flying car is getting close …

Only $130,000 !

… and no license needed, at least in the States. Was curious if the same holds in Canada.

A Sport Pilots license in the US is required for this aircraft; flight training is reduced to 20 hours and few other “reduced” requirements. I would imagine it is much like the Recreational Pilot license here in Canada.

Thanks, I stand corrected. The pitch I saw on made the claim of “no license”.

NP.  For all our sakes we should be happy a license/training is required to fly this aircraft.  Or for any aircraft which a pilot is required. Although I must admit the training and medical requirements for a Sports Pilot license as described on is substandard, IMO. … ution.html

Can I watch TV and talk on my cellphone while I drive this flying car?

I don’t know about you guys but I like living on the Moon.

You would have to ask Dex but be sure you have the proper license  :smiley: He can post a link for ya MiG, just to be sure !!

LOL!!! No license required. TV is kind of silly as there is always stuff to look at/for while you are flying, IMO.  You are more than welcome to use your cell phone and mp3 player though; workload permitting. I very much love listening to music while flying aerobatics and I always carry a cellphone for redundancy in case of radio failure. Although I have called taxis in the air so it will be there when I land, I have to confess. My pilot headset has plugins for my cellphone and mp3 player. It also has a very handy feature that will mute the music or phone when there is activity on the radio; ie  ATC.  In closing, as per request, here is a link to the headset manufacturer.