Re: The Decade in Review

  If my Dad were reading this, an Air Traffic Controller his whole life, he’d be faintly amused  :confused: Sorry, I haven’t any link but I have his number !!      :smiley:

Not surprising really. He already knows pilots listen to music all the time in the air. Been doing it for along time; one of the older navigation instruments (ADF) can pick up AM radio stations for listening to. I would bet he has even had pilots phone him from the air cause their radio/s went kaput. 

[quote=“codybear933”]Sorry, I haven’t any link but I have his number !!      :smiley:

I think you should ask your Daddy if he wants his number public before posting on here.

2000 - moved to Rupert with my 5 year old daughter
2001 - learned that political ignorance is very dangerous (9/11) - 1st ever desk job
2002 - got engaged
2003 - got married
2004 - bought my first home  :smiley:
2005 - 1st attempt for city council - back of the pack
2006 - homeschooled my kid thru grade 6 - changed to another desk job 1/2 time
2007 - got a second half time desk job (“secretarial spread” really sinks in  :stuck_out_tongue: )
2008 - 2nd attempt for city council - middle of the pack - Fed election
2009 - Prov election - kid starts going off the rails
2010 - seems to be ALL about getting the kid back on track…wish me luck, please

Thank you for your response. Looks like you’ve had some quite eventful things going on these past years. And good luck with your kid!